Best Christmas Gifts For 8 Year Old Girls 2

Best Christmas Gifts For 8 Year Old Girls

Best Christmas Gifts For 8 Year Old Girls

Best Christmas Gifts For 8 Year Old GirlsFrom Disney toys, to Barbie and even tablets, we have sorted through the toys that we feel are some of the best Christmas gifts for 8 year old girls.

Any of these toys will surely put a smile on their face and whisk them away to wonderland or help them learn new this Christmas.

From activity playsets to interactive dance routines, take your pick of some great selections below.

6 fast gift ideas for 8 year old girls:

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Shake It Up: I <3 Dance

Shake It Up I Love DanceIf your girls are a fan of Disney’s Shake It Up, then they will definitely love the Shake It Up: I <3 Dance album.

It features 12 tracks of different Disney artists from the hit TV show. Most of the tracks are upbeat and fun, making it a great collection to listen to.

Of course, parents love that the music in the CD is clean and age appropriate. Moreover, the songs are really catchy making it easy for kids to dance along to.

If your kids love dancing then this CD will be a great gift for them this Christmas, with songs that will surely get them up dancing the whole day.

Barbie Dream House

Barbie Dream HouseEvery little girl will want a Barbie at one point in their lives, make it even more fun for them with this fabulous Barbie Dream House.

This dollhouse has 3 levels an elevator and even a separate fashion elevator. It also comes with fully furnished rooms including pink appliances and other accessories.

This new dollhouse has a lot of added features that will allow your kids to play with. It is also big enough so that kids can play together and use the different levels of the house.

Although the elevator has been a problem for some customers since it won’t go down or up fully.

If your little girl loves Barbie dolls then this house is the perfect accessory. It has 3 different levels with interactive feature and even comes with  a huge closet just for Barbie.

Jungle Speed

Jungle SpeedIf your family loves card games and want to be challenged even more then Jungle Speed is the ideal toy for your kids.

This toy takes the idea of the classic card game wherein you pair cards base on their number and suit. Instead of your normal cards, this one features symbols that you need to match and the aim is to dump your whole hand to win the game.

However, it also includes special cards that can change the game like pairing colors instead of symbols and also using the totem that comes with it.

Most people agree that this game is a lot of fun and both kids and adults can play it. More importantly, it is very easy to learn and kids will be able to understand the game in a matter of minutes.

Some suggested that there should be more cards, especially if the maximum number of players, which is 8, is reached.

Challenge your reflexes, responses and thinking with this fast-paced and highly addictive game.

The Little Mermaid (Two-Disc Diamond Edition: Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy) (1989)

The Little Mermaid Two-Disc Diamond Edition Blu-ray DVD + Digital Copy 1989Little girls love Disney princesses, they are just the kind of characters that can survive generations and let your little girl get to know Ariel with The Little Mermaid (Two-Disc Diamond Edition: Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy) (1989).

This version features the 1989 classic with digitally restored picture so that characters in the movie seem to come to life. Of course, the movie is about Ariel a mermaid princess who longs to experience what it is like to be human, it chronicles her adventure and decisions she has to make in order to fulfill her dreams.

Customers like that this set has added features like behind the scenes footage, music videos of some songs and even games and activities for kids. Also, people agree that the story can be passed on to generations.

Although some customers claim that they received a DVD copy instead of a Blu-ray copy so customers should be aware of this issue.

Let your little girl discover the magical world of mermaids with this DVD set, it will surely be a favorite and children will want to watch it over and over again.

World of Disney Eye Found It Board Game

World of Disney Eye Found It Board GameWhat do you get when you combine a board game with Disney characters? The World of Disney Eye Found It Board Game, the perfect board game for kids.

This six-foot board game has three different sections with 12 Disney worlds featuring different cartoons like Monsters Inc., Cinderella and more. There are over 1,000 hidden treasures on the board that you have to locate throughout the game.

Parents love that in this game all the players win or lose, it’s a game that encourages teamwork so that everyone can win the game. It also teaches counting, how to tell time and searching for different items.

Others don’t like the fact that there’s really no strategizing for the game and that no one really loses.

If you want to teach your child about teamwork and working towards a goal with other people then this will be a great game for them.

Razor FlashRider 360

Razor FlashRider 360If you have a kid that has not yet gotten the hang of riding a bike then the Razor FlashRider 360 is the perfect gift.

This toy is a tricycle than can turn and drift and it also has a spark bar level that engages sparks to fly. It is made of a durable all steel frame and handlebars with rubber grips.

Parents love that this toy encourages their kids to be active and enjoy playing outdoors. Since it’s a tricycle it is also easy to ride especially for younger kids. However, some find that the plastic melts because of the sparks that fly.

This is a great toy for children who like to play outside, let kids have fun and ride this tricycle around the neighborhood.

B. Pop-Arty Beads

B. Pop-Arty BeadsLittle girls love doing craft projects and creating stuff, let them create their own jewelry with the B. Pop-Arty Beads.

It includes 500 pieces that come in unique shapes, sizes and beautiful colors with some patterns. It is a snap together bead set making it easy to create bracelets, necklaces, rings and so much more in a matter of minutes.

The outstanding feature of this toy is that the beads can be snapped or popped together. There is no need for strings and the beads can be used over and over again to create different designs.

However, there can be an odor or off gassing that have turned off some customers.

Your kids will be able to create different jewelries that they can wear and even redesign on the spot!

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning Tablet

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning TabletTablets are popular nowadays even for kids because it can help them gain knowledge through educational apps. The LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning Tablet was made specifically for kids, making it a perfect gift this Christmas.

The tablet has front and back facing cameras, 5-in touch screen and 4GB of memory. It already comes pre-installed with 9 apps but access is available to LeapFrog’s educator approved library that has over 800 apps.

Of course parents love that the apps are tailored to provide educational learning to kids. Also, it comes with recharger pack so that batteries to have to be replaced constantly. However, some find that the apps cost way too much.

If you want to let your child play with a tablet and provide them with educational apps then this is the perfect toy to have.

Blip Toys Disney Princess Palace Pets Pamper Me Pretty – Aurora (Kitty) Beauty

Blip Toys Disney Princess Palace Pets Pamper Me Pretty - Aurora Kitty BeautyA stuffed toy that you can take care of is definitely a great way to start kids who are asking for a pet. Let them lean with the Blip Toys Disney Princess Palace Pets Pamper Me Pretty – Aurora (Kitty) Beauty.

The product is a royal kitty, one of the animals in Disney Princesses’ Palace Pets that can be groomed and snuggled. It has a sparkly fur tail that can be brushed and also includes accessories like hairclips, lipstick, perfume, comb and nail polish.

The product is really well made so that kids can play with it and even take the toy with them in their bed at night. Its fun for little girls to take care and groom the kitty and just make her look nice.

This is a great gift for little girls that are starting to get into make-up, let them play and even pamper this adorable toy.

The Original DoodleArt Flowers Coloring Poster

The Original DoodleArt Flowers Coloring PosterIts always fun for kids to color, let their creativity shine through with The Original DoodleArt Flowers Coloring Poster.

This coloring poster measures 23 inches by 34 inches and even includes 12 markers. The theme of the poster is Detailed Flowers and it contains intricately drawn flowers, vases and plants ready to be colored.

Parents love that the black and white theme features amazing drawing of flowers. A child can color it simply or be more playful and they can even frame it and hang it on wall once their done.

However, some feel that coloring it might take a lot of patience thus some kids might get bored with it.

Let your kids color their own poster and it will surely be a nice addition to any wall in your home.


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