Best Christmas Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls 2013

Best Christmas Gifts For 1 Year Old GirlsIt may seem like 1-year old little girls are the targeted gender and age group for a lot of manufactured toys. However, it also easier to give little girls clothes or dresses as gifts since they come in a lot of designs.

But wouldn’t it be great if you can give something that she will surely enjoy but can still last throughout her childhood years and of course provide educational benefits?

If you are looking for the best Christmas gifts for 1 year old girls in 2013, then read right on, as this page is for people looking to buy presents for baby girls 12 months and over.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls

Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home Toy

Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home ToyLittle girls definitely start to develop their love for playing with dollhouses that enable them to make character sleep, go to the bathroom and do different activities at a young age.

However, some products include parts that are a choking-hazard for younger kids but the Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home Toy addresses this concern and allows your little girl to play with bigger and safer pieces.

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This house set depicts a colorful home and it makes it more fun since the home is also filled with different sounds. The house also has three different levels or floors that will allow a child to role-play.

The sounds include a doorbell, sizzling sounds when cooking and even bubble sounds for the bathtub. It is also interactive since the parts can be moved or opened with a push of a button.

Parents love this since their kids are more inclined to discovering the different features with the presence of sounds. In addition to this, there are different sets that can be bought separately and attached to the house to form a bigger Little Happy People house.

However, some think that the toy is too gender-oriented and also the choices for Little People are quite limited.

This home toy is definitely a great alternative for the classic dollhouses that might be too delicate for younger children. The floors are easily accessible so that your child can go to the different parts of the house and discover the different features.

Most importantly, it is very durable and can also be expanded by purchasing additional sets.

Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales (Peter Rabbit) Hardcover

Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales Peter Rabbit HardcoverWe all know that little kids hate whenever we tell them that its time for bed but you can definitely make it fun for them by reading them a bedtime story every night. Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales (Peter Rabbit) Hardcover will surely make bedtime fun for your little one.

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This set contains all 23 tales by Beatrix Potter, which are complete and unabridged. It also includes the original illustrations and stories are arranged according to when they were published so that the stories can be read chronologically.

As an added bonus, the complete set also contains 4 works of Beatrix Potter that were not published initially.

Those who purchased the boxed set loved how it came in a hardcover with a slipcase that can protect the book. In addition to this, the stories are very entertaining and can really be considered as children’s literature.

Moreover, the illustrations prove effective for children since they are drawn beautifully. Some people have complained though that some of the stories are too dark or contain imagery that might be too disturbing for children.

This book set can help spark your child’s interest in reading and also learn about everyday life situations. The stories are fairly short and easy to read but they are also classic stories made to last generations.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Love to Play Sis

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Love to Play SisA staple toy that every child needs is probably a stuffed toy; they are usually just cuddly dolls with no added feature. However, the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Love to Play Sis is your state of the art plushy since it also allows your child to learn and interact.

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This stuffed toy definitely meets the definition of ‘there’s more than meets the eye.’ Yes it is a plushie but it can also teach your child her A-B-Cs, 1-2-3s and even about the different parts of the body.

It comes with 40 sing-along tunes and phrases and also, certain parts of the puppy like the ears and tummy respond to your baby’s touch. It promotes motor skills and at the same time sensory development is also present since the baby can interact with different parts of the toy.

A stand out feature of this toy would be the simplicity of the tunes that it comes with. Parents recognize that this allows their child to develop skills and at the same time repetition enables their kids to learn and retain information easily.

Also, compared to traditional stuffed toys, it is highly interactive allowing a child to start learning even at a young age. However, some customers find that the toy never finishes a song and jumps on to the next one.

A stuffed puppy toy can really be a great gift for a little girl but with additional features that allow learning and skills development, this is definitely a perfect gift for young kids.

Go Car

Go CarMost kids aged 1 are just starting to discover their different sensory motors, it’s the age when they try to grab hold of different things. With the Go Car toy you child will be able to develop her hand-eye coordination and engage her imagination.

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This vehicle is rubber coated making it easy to be rolled around in different surfaces. The handle is also easily graspable by little hands, enabling them to push, roll and even lift the toy. Also, this special edition version of the toy supports Breast Cancer Research.

Parents agree that this toy is great for children starting to crawl and want to manipulate things around them. It is a no-fuss, straight to the point toy that can still pique your child’s imagination.

Customers also like the fact that it is like a traditional toy car and eliminates flashing lights and noisy sounds. Others feel as if though the car is poorly made and say that the wheels come of easily, especially if a child plays with it roughly.

Even though this toy is simply designed it can still provide fun for any kid. The fact that it is a traditional toy car can enable your child to be more creative when playing with it.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Magical Musical Mirror

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Magical Musical MirrorThe Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Magical Musical Mirror is perfect for little girls who love to play dress up or even makeovers. At the same time, it can also stimulate you baby’s senses with the vast amount of features it comes with.

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This vanity has songs that teach your child about A-B-Cs colors, textures and even greetings. It also has 2 modes of play which are learning and music, this way it can suit whatever your child’s mood is, whether she is up for some learning or if she just wants to have fun.

The vanity set also comes with a comb, lipstick, bracelet and powder puff and can be a great bonding activity for Moms and daughters.

Customers agree that their kids love the accessories that come with this set; they are the perfect size to be taken around but are still big enough so that parents don’t have to worry of it being a choking hazard.

Also, the mirror and lights around it really captures a kid’s attention and can be fun to interact with. Some reviewers find that their child is not really interested in the toy though or it can easily get boring since activities are limited.

A perfect gift for a girly girl, it allows your daughter to mimic your daily activities of brushing your hair and putting on make-up. Cheerful music and songs also keeps your baby entertained and also teaches basic knowledge.

Sofia the First

Sofia the FirstIf your daughters or nieces love the Sofia the First TV Series then this Sofia the First album is the right pick for them. Songs are believed to be responsible for neural learning and this album will definitely help your child in that aspect.

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This album features different music used throughout the TV Series. The songs are very catchy, up beat and fairly easy for children to memorize. The songs come straight from the show and can easily be recognized by fans of the TV show and includes 13 of those songs.

It is perfect for kids to sing along to and even dance to according to a lot of customers who purchased the product. Songs are catchy enough to get kids’ attention but not overly annoying for parents to listen to.

Customers did express their concern that they wish there were more songs included in the album.

This music album is perfect for car rides to keep your little girls entertained. They can recognize the music if they are fans of the show but songs are easy to follow even for kids who haven’t watched any episode.

ECR4Kids Soft Toddler Blocks, 5.5″ Foam Cubes

ECR4Kids Soft Toddler Blocks, 5.5" Foam CubesWe all know that kids can sometimes be a little rough when it comes to playing and sometimes surroundings can be dangerous for kids just learning to crawl or walk. However, the ECR4Kids Soft Toddler Blocks, 5.5″ Foam Cubes can make playtime fun and safe for your children.

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These foam cubes are made of colorful vinyl with furniture-grade foam inside. The set includes 12 5.5-inch soft toddler blocks that can be used to build, stack and even introduce primary colors to children.

These are perfect for play areas, scattered around so that kids can avoid getting to heavy furniture.

As mentioned by most customers, the size is perfect for toddles to grab and handle. The colors and texture are also another feature that customers love about this product, enabling development of motor skills and even imagination.

Others suggested though that it would be more interesting if the cubes came in different shapes so that kids can be entertained and their imagination stimulated even more.

Overall, this is a great toy for the younger age group since they are soft and does not contain any parts that can hurt your child. It is perfect for small kids that are active and can even provide safety during playtime.

VTech Roll and Learn Activity Suitcase

VTech Roll and Learn Activity SuitcaseIt’s never too early to let your child discover the joy and sense of adventure that one can get from traveling. With the VTech Roll and Learn Activity Suitcase your child can learn what it feels like to travel around the world.

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This miniature suitcase has an easy to grab handle and rolling wheels so that your child can take it anywhere she wants to go. The panel includes different activities such as a piano that allows your child to learn about numbers.

It also comes with 25 melodies and can teach your child English or Spanish. There are also different travel accessories included that can foster imaginative play.

Parents of course love an interactive toy and this product is definitely full of activities and features that your child can interact with. It also seems like an added bonus since the suitcase can hold a few things inside, so parents loved it that their kids learn to pack away their stuff inside it.

However, some find that the smaller pieces can be easily lost if they are not placed in their proper slots.

This is a perfect gift for kids who love to role-play and go exploring. At the same time, different features of the toy also helps to develop motor skills, tactile learning and even teach your child 2 languages.

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Role Play

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Role PlayIt’s no surprise that a lot of little girls like to pretend that they are princesses but real tea sets are of course dangerous for children and plastic sets just don’t seem to catch their imagination. However, the LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Role Play will ensure that your little princess will enjoy afternoon tea time.

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This is a 10-piece set that comes with exciting features such us song, phrases and sounds. It teaches your child how to count, match colors and basic greetings.

In addition to this, the teapot also lights up in six different colors which your child will surely enjoy. It includes 2 teacups, 6 cake pieces, a cake plate and a musical teapot.

Customers who bought the product love the fact that this toy set makes tea time fun and realistic. In addition to this, it also encourages and teaches your child to count and match different colors.

Also, the songs included are fun to listen to and some kids even like to dance along to it. However, some customers think that there should be more tea cups included so that kids can play with this toy as a group and interact with each other.

The toy is highly recommended for kids who are just developing their motor skills and also if you want your children to be exposed to numbers and colors. It also a great toy to share with a friend and can definitely be a hit on play dates.

VTech Grow and Discover Tree House Toy

VTech Grow and Discover Tree House ToyWe all want our children to be active and happy little kids and we even try to encourage them to be curious about the things around them. If you are someone who enjoys seeing kids create their own adventures then VTech Grow and Discover Tree House Toy is perfect for your child.

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This play set is a multi-functional play center that is safe and durable even for little kids. The play set is equipped with different features like piano keys, cheerful songs, sounds and phrases.

Different sides of the set also feature a wide array of activities that will help your child develop fine motor skills. Moreover, this includes a tent, enabling your child to use it inside the house and even be protected from the sun when used outdoors.

Parents love that this tree house engage kids with different features that are movable and they are located on different panels so kids are also encouraged to move around the tree house.

It also provides enough support so that kids who are just learning to stand up can hold onto the set. The only problem some customers found is that it’s somehow very had to assemble.

This is a great toy that can definitely engage your kids and teach them about shapes, songs and even first words. The variety of manipulative features is the main pro of this product and it encourages little kids to explore.

Best Christmas Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls 2013

We hope you enjoyed reading our list of recommendations of gifts to buy for a 1 year old baby girl for Christmas 2013. Whether you like to give educational gifts or fun activity gifts, the top 10 hot toys for Christmas for girls of 1 years of age was covered above in a list from foam blocks, to story books, to activity centers. You may also like to check out the latest version of best Christmas gifts for 1 year old girls.