Best Christmas Gifts For 10-12 Year Old Girls 2018

When it comes to buying toys for young ladies, people often think that it’s all about dolls and princesses or everything pretty and nice. This is far from the truth, because the range of toys available for girls can be as wide as the varying interests that they have. Even when they’re younger, different girls already tend to lean towards different things, and this is only emphasized as they grow older.

To pick the right toy therefore, you must know what’s available out there and match it with the personality and interests of whoever you’re giving it to. To make that a little easier, below are some of the best toys for girls who are 10-12 years old.

Poppit S1 HP Playset Bakery

Poppit S1 HP Playset BakeryIf your little girl loves to watch you bake, why not give her very own playset bakery? The Poppit S1 HP Playset Bakery can let your daughter create all kinds of clay pieces that look just like real mini cakes. Your child can then display in the shelves her adorable creations. This toy includes 4 clays of different colors and 12 molds, along with a Poppit Tool, texture stamp, dropper and a Poppit popper. There are also sprinkles, gems and beads to make her creations look even cuter.

A lot of parents who purchased this playset bakery for their daughters have remarked about how nice it is and how their daughters were able to create pretty little clay pies and cakes. They also liked the fact that the clay dries quickly so the shape is retained for a long time and that it’s not messy to work with at all. All of the reviewers were satisfied with this product and we couldn’t find any negative feedback.

Check out the toy here.

Lipless! The Hilarious Mouth Party Game

Lipless! The Hilarious Mouth Party GameFeatures:

  • Party Game, Fun for all ages, Team play, Quick fun
  • Over 200 family-friendly lip-twisting phrases.
  • Expansion packs on our web site and here on Amazon!
  • 6 plastic mouth openers, timer, instructions
  • Like the “Watch Ya’ Mouth” funny videos you have seen

Last year’s breakout hit boardgame was pie face. Getting a pie in your face, or trying to avoid getting a pie in your face, was all the rage. The breakout hit of 2016 is now about trying to speak when you don’t have control of your lips.

The most popular and in demand version of this game is Hasbro’s Speak Out. But if you can’t get it because it’s sold out or the price has gone up due to scarcity, Lipless is a great alternative.

Millions have already seen the famous videos online of people with their mouths jammed a wide-open, while they try helplessly and hilariously to utter a phrase.

Your child will have a lot of fun making friends and family laugh out loud as each takes it in turn to try to say the simplest of phrases while wearing a piece of kit called a mouth opener.

The mouth opener is simply a piece of plastic that keeps your mouth open, specifically the lips. Suddenly certain words become hard to pronounce, and sometimes make someone sound like they are saying something quite different.

This kit comes with over 200 phrases, 6 mouth openers, a sand timer and instructions. Mayhem will be let loose once this game is in play.

Check out the toy here.

Ever After High DHF96 Meeshell L’Mer Doll

Ever After High DHF96 Meeshell L'Mer DollFairy tales have captured the interest of young girls from time immemorial, no matter what generation they belong to. But far from keeping these fairy tale characters static and just leaving it at ‘happily ever after,’ Mattel knows that many are interested about what happens next. They released the doll franchise Ever After High in 2013, imagining the offspring of beloved fairy tale characters and weaving stories out of their lives. There’s now an Ever After High animated series, film, and book series, Still, the dolls are the main attraction, and the Meeshell L’Mer Doll is just one of them.

Meeshell L’Mer is the daughter of the Little Mermaid, so she comes with a unique mermaid-inspired skirt. True to her heritage, all her accessories are also sea-themed, so you get items like a seashell-shaped purse. The doll comes with a storybook that gives you all her details, so even if you’re not familiar with Ever After High, you still get to appreciate this beauty.

This is one of the bestselling dolls in the series, and this is largely because of the amount of detail that you see in the Meeshell L’Mer doll. She’s also unique because of the sea theme, and this is really played out well in the tiny details. Having said this, the doll’s accessories are minimal and some users have commented this unique doll is hard to find in stores, so it’s better to get this online.

Check out the toy here.

LEGO Friends 41130 Amusement Park Roller Coaster Building Kit (1124 Piece)

LEGO Friends 41130 Amusement Park Roller Coaster Building KitLEGO is always a lot of fun. So is going to an amusement park. Here’s the best of both worlds with this LEGO Friends 41130 Amusement Park Roller Coaster Building Kit.

The lucky girl will be ready to build her rollercoaster and have fun doing it.

The push-along roller coaster consists of 4 carriages with a mini-dolls that sit in each. It also has an entrance area with opening safety barrier, a control panel with levers, a camera, a long track with various obstacles along the ride and a functioning light brick.

A number of accessories are also included. There are watermelon slices, soda bottles, boxes of popcorn, coin, bill, tickets and more things that you expect to see at an amusement park.

The roller coaster track itself measures 2″. The coaster train with 4 carriages measures over 6″ long, 1″ high and 1″ wide. The roatating ferris wheel measures 12″ highj, 11″ wide and 4″ deep. The drop tower measures over 12″ (33cm) high, 4″ (12cm) wide and 2″ (6cm) deep.

It’s time to head through the turnstiles and get in line for a very exciting ride with the LEGO Friends 41130 Amusement Park Roller Coaster Building Kit – Whoosh.

Check out the toy here.

SELFIE MIC Music Set, Black

Selfie Mic Music SetSome kids love to dance, but others love to sing. If your daughter shows interest in music then perhaps the Selfie Mic Music Set would really encourage her to develop her talent. When you purchase this toy, you get a selfie stick, a microphone, an adaptor cable and an instruction manual, along with 1000 tokens that you can use in a smartphone app called StarMaker.

So basically, with this selfie microphone music set, your child can sing along to her favorite songs and choose from over 3 million songs that are being updated on a daily basis.

The item only weighs 7 ounces so it won’t be a problem for your child and you can bring it anywhere. Since you get 1000 bonus tokens, you won’t have to pay to download fully licensed songs (it will cost 20-50 credits per song), and it works on both Android and iOS phones and gadgets as well.

With the Selfie Mic, you can turn your daughter’s phone into a karaoke machine and enable her to share her music videos to friends and family. Many of those who bought this have reported that their child really had fun using this toy and they’re able to make music videos for fun. The only downside is that learning how to use it may take awhile so you may want to help your child on this, or she might get frustrated.

Check out the toy here.

Squishy Stress Relief Balls (3-Pack) – Tear Resistant, Non-Toxic, BPA/Phthalate/Latex Free

Squishy Stress Relief BallsKids between the age of 10 and 12 may already have challenging activities at school. Their tests are more difficult at this level and even their homework are no longer as easy as before. So it’s normal for kids at this age range to get stressed every once in awhile. Giving them squishy stress balls may just be able to give them some relief. These balls are perfect – they can be pulled, stretched, smooshed and tossed without affecting their shape. If you toss them, they’ll quickly bounce back.

The material used in making these stress balls are a special kind of high quality rubber and it’s nontoxic and hypoallergenic. These balls are also very durable.

Many of those who bought these stress relief balls use them not just at home but also in school. Even adults buy these balls so they’ll have something to squish and squeeze in the workplace.

These balls can, not only relieve stress, but also help a person calm down and avoid fidgeting. It even improves focus in kids. The balls are small so they’re great for ids (1.9 inches in diameter). Those who purchased these balls liked the fact that these balls do not fall apart easily and that using them significantly helps their kids relax.

If you think your child can benefit from using stress relief balls, then this product makes for a great gift!

Check out the toy here.

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle 41062

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle 41062Whoever thinks building blocks and construction toys are more appropriate for boys is surely mistaken. In fact, some research suggests that traditionally male-oriented toys elicit high quality play among girls. Many girls enjoy the challenge of building structures by putting small pieces together, and this is why there are many LEGO sets that are specifically tailored for young ladies. The LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle is one of them.

Combining the magic of LEGO and Disney’s Frozen, this set has 292 pieces and allows young girls to build Elsa’s ice castle as seen in the movie. Users agree that the detail of the castle and the set itself is amazing, with features like a secret staircase, an icicle tree, and an ice cream bar, among others. You also get a lot of glittery wall elements, beautiful accessories, and decorative stickers. The castle itself measures 9” x 7” x 4”, and you also get a sleigh that measures 2” x 1” x 1”. Users also love that this comes complete with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf.

Overall, this is a great LEGO set because of all the intricate details that you get as well as the mini figures that are included. The only thing is that it could definitely be a little bigger, to appreciate the beauty of it more.

Check out the toy here.

Crayola Colored Pencils, 50 Count Vibrant Colors, Pre-Sharpened

Crayola Colored Pencils 50 CountLearning how to draw may come naturally for some children. Others show interest at a very early age while there are also those who have been influenced by friends or family members during gradeschool. If your likes to draw, you should encourage and motivate her to develop this skill. You can buy her coloring pens and sketchpads, or you may want to check to check out the Crayola Colored Pencils set.

With this coloring pencils, your daughter will be inspired to draw and create beautiful masterpieces on her sketchpad. The colors are really beautiful and these pencils are the perfect tools for coloring. The pencils are AP certified nontoxic so you need not worry that they will harm your child.

Check out the colored pencils here.

Patchwork Board Game

Patchwork Board GameAnother board game that will surely be a hit among young girls is Patchwork. Definitely unlike any other board game that’s in the market today, this is a great abstract and strategy game for young girls. The game itself requires 2 players, and one game lasts for around 15 minutes.

True to its name, you need to choose your patches and designs to finish your quilt. This is a great puzzle game but operating differently, so it’s unique and fun for everyone, unlike any other board game out there. It’s new and fresh if you haven’t tried anything like it before.

The only criticism is that if you’re not too into puzzle and abstract games, then this wouldn’t be as fun for you. So it’s only enjoyable for a select number of people.

Check out the toy here.

Best Christmas Gifts For 10-12 Year Old Girls 2018

We hpe you found something nice in this winning list of populart toys. If the one you’re giving it to is a fan of intellectual challenges and competitive games, then you can go for the board games, building sets, and puzzles. If she’s the creative type, you can go for the craft kits. If she’s into dolls, then there are a several to choose from as well.

What’s important is you truly consider what she’s interested in, and then take your cue from there. The best thing about this list though is that these are the toys that are popular at the moment, and picking any option from this list is already a step towards the right direction.