Best Christmas Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls

Best Christmas Gifts For 12 Year Old GirlsChristmas can definitely be the holiday that people love and hate. It is great to see family and get together but it is also very stressful to prepare for these events.

And how about selecting gifts for children?

Well we took on that job for you and searched for the best gifts for girls aged 12. We have come up with the Top 10 toys that we are sure they will love.

Quick & Simple Ideas Of Top Toys For Girls 12 For Xmas 2017

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Wildkin Big Dots Pink 66″ Sleeping Bag

Wildkin Big Dots Pink 66 inch Sleeping BagGirls this age love to go on sleepovers, make sure your child can still sleep soundly with the Wildkin Big Dots Pink 66″ Sleeping Bag.

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The sleeping bag is made of high quality fabric and conforms to U.S flammability test requirements. It is 10 inches long and also 10 inches wide and also comes with a travel pillow.

The bag is made up of fleece lining with cotton exterior making it comfortable as customers said. It is also durable and even rolls up easily. Some have experienced though that the colors fade a bit after washing.

This is a great gift for any girl that loves to have sleepovers, it is comfortable and the size is perfect for kids.

Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Desk Set with X-Wide Tapeffiti

Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Desk Set with X-Wide TapeffitiLet your kids them personalize their school supplies with the Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Desk Set with X-Wide Tapeffiti.

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A Tapefitti Caddy with 32 rolls of tape and also comes with 2 folders and a 25 page journal. As well as 6 greeting cards, 6 envelopes and also comes with instructions.

Customers agree that the product is great for kids who are into artwork and allows kids to put their own spin on stuff that they have. The box also comes with ideas and concepts that can help your kid get started with her project.

Although some customers find that the dispensers are flimsy and it would be better to just use scissors.

Let your kids get creative with this set, personalize notebooks and even create wonderful cards to give to their friends.

The Iron Queen (The Iron Fey)

The Iron Queen The Iron FeyBooks are one of the best kids you can give to kids this age, make sure they enjoy it and let their imagination run wild with The Iron Queen (The Iron Fey).

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A fantasy book that follows the life of Meghan who is half-mortal and has two worlds that she has to coexist in.  But in this series, she is stopped from going back to the real world and starting her life again and is forced to confront the fey again.

Readers loved how the author was able to create a world different from ours but still relatable and easy to imagine. The book also has a nice mix of adventure, friendship and even sacrifices. However, some say that the book lacks originality.

This book will definitely allow your kids to immerse themselves in reading and get lost in worlds that the book creates.

Razor Pro El Dorado Scooter

Razor Pro El Dorado ScooterRide through the neighborhood with the new Pro Series scooter, the Razor Pro El Dorado Scooter.

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This scooter is lightweight and now has a ridged brake extrusion. It also has soft rubber grips on the handles and urethane wheels.

Customers love that this product is made of high quality materials. It also comes in different colors that can suit different tastes of different kids.

This scooter is a cut above the rest, it is lightweight but still features a super-tough aluminum base making it safe to ride.

Be Amazing Toys Wired Science Experiment Kits

Be Amazing Toys Wired Science Experiment KitsShow your kids how science can be fun and educational at the same time with the Be Amazing Toys Wired Science Experiment Kits.

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This kit focuses primarily on exploring the science of electricity. Kids will learn how electrons flow through different experiments and how conductors and non-conductors flow through different states of matter.

Customers like that the instructions included are easy to follow and even include links to videos that provide even more information.

It is also a fun and a safe way for kids to learn about electricity. Others think that the kit is lacking in terms of entertainment value.

Science should not have to be boring and with this kit your kids will definitely enjoy learning about the different concepts of electricity.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Combo Scratch Art Set

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Combo Scratch Art SetFor the girls who are into crafts and doing art projects the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Combo Scratch Art Set would be a great gift for them.

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The set has 4 stained glass sheets and a stencil with over 30 different shapes. Also includes 3 easel frames and medium and fine point stylus.

Parents agree that this is a perfect rainy day project and kids can spend hours creating art. It also allows them to be imaginative and creative. However, some have said that more sheets should be included so that kids can create more artwork.

This scratch art technique makes it fun for kids, let them create new pieces and even display it in your house.

Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

Insect Lore Live Butterfly GardenKids can now raise their own butterflies at home with the Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden.

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The kit contains a voucher that customers have to mail-in to get 5 butterfly larvae and their food. Also includes a reusable and collapsible habitat and a feeder with instructions.

Customers agree that this is perfect for kids who are interested in nature. They get to learn about metamorphosis and how butterflies emerge from being a caterpillar.

However, the fact that the caterpillars do not come with the package was a little frustrating for some customers. They had to wait a few days before the specimens were delivered to them.

A great way to get kids interested about the many fascinations of nature and even teaches them responsibility and taking care of other living things that surround us.

Word A Round Game

Word A Round GameIf you are looking for a game that is fun for your kids but will also sharpen their minds then the Word A Round Game is the perfect fit.

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Two or more people can play this game and the goal is to figure out the word on the card. Sounds easy right? But the words are written in a continuous ring making it even more challenging.

This is a great game for the whole family to play and can even be brought anywhere since the cards are compact. Moreover, parents love that the game can improve vocabulary and even concentration.

Although some customers think that the game might be a bit inappropriate especially for people dealing with dyslexia.

Let your kids enjoy learning new words with this fast-paced game that you can even play with them.

Monster High: Ghouls Rule (1092)

Monster High Ghouls Rule 1092Monster High: Ghouls Rule (1092) is a movie based on the hit TV Series that girls will surely enjoy.

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Due to a Halloween legend, the Monster girls always stay away from Normies during Halloween. But they discover that they used to celebrate the holiday together and the girls start a revolution to bring back Halloween.

Those who purchased the product like that the movie teaches kids about individuality. Also, there are 3 bonus shorts included that the customers also like.

A fun movie about Halloween but also teaching kids to celebrate who they are and just be themselves.

Kidz Bop 23

Kidz Bop 23Girls love singing along to pop songs but some of the songs nowadays contain inappropriate lyrics. That problem is solved by the Kidz Bop 23 CD.

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This album contains 16 tracks from current hits but what makes them different is that they are sung by kids. In this collection they feature songs by Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and even the Korean pop star Psy.

Of course parents love that the versions in the CD contain clean lyrics and bad language are edited out. The singers also sound great and the melody sounds just like the original songs.

However, some parents still think that the songs are inappropriate for children.

Music is something that a lot of people appreciate, let your kids listen to current hits on the radio without having to worry about them hearing foul language.