Best Christmas Gifts For 3-5 Year Old Girls 2018

The toddler years are some of the best years of a child’s life. During these years, toddlers go through many milestones, and the foundations for their personalities and skills are set. In particular, play is critical in developing children and giving them important skills, such as communication and language, problem solving, and social interaction. This is why the toys you pick for children who are 3 to 5 years of age are really important.

Even at a young age, you can make sure that you get them some of the best toys that will help in their holistic development.

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds HomeThere’s something about little girls and dollhouses that just go together, and as your child grows the dollhouse tends to become bigger and more complicated as well. However, that’s not to say that you can’t start them young, especially when you have this Little People Surprise & Sounds Home from Fisher-Price.

Basically, what you get is a house that measures 11 x 9 x 12 when closed. Once it’s open, your little girl can get lost in her own world and set her imagination on fire. What’s great about it being a home is that it can help your child connect the toy to actual places like her own bedroom or your kitchen. The house is complete with Dad, Mom, and Emma, with actual rooms and floor-to-ceiling opportunities for imaginative play.

With this dollhouse, the day can start with Emma in her bedroom, and you can actually press the alarm clock to flip her out of the bed. The toy comes with more than 50 surprise sounds (including songs and phrases). There are certain triggers for these sounds, such as when you open the refrigerator door or the oven, as well as when you lift the toilet seat to flush. The only criticism of some users is that you’re just limited to four rooms unlike other dollhouses, but because this is for younger kids then it’s a minor issue.

Check out the toy here.

Paw Patrol – Jungle Rescue – Skye’s Jungle Copter

Paw Patrol – Jungle Rescue – Skye’s Jungle CopterSome little girls like dolls while others like pets. But if you’re buying for a 3 year old who likes both dolls and pets, then the Paw Patrol – Jungle Rescue – Skye’s Jungle Copter may just be the perfect choice. It comes with spinning propellers (for the helicopter) and its wheels really work. It’s also a great gift for girls who collect Paw Patrol characters – Skye, Chase, Zuma, Rocky, Marshall, Rubble and Tracker.

Let the child’s imagination run wild with this toy. As with all Paw Patrol toys, no job is too big for the pup characters. And now with Skye’s Jungle Copter from the Jungle Rescue lineup, your child can re-enact rescue missions in the jungle, giving them hours of endless fun on their own or with their friends.

The dimensions of this product are 3.8 x 8.5 x 7.5 inches and its shipping weight is 12 ounces.

Check out the toy here.

Singamaling Darcy Sings “Twinkle Little Star” Plus, Purple One Size

Singamaling Darcy Sings “Twinkle Little Star”If your child loves Singamaling products then you know that these are basically huggable goofy characters that can get your child (or anyone) singing. They also have silly voices that are quite funny to hear. To play with a Sing-a-ma-ling, you just press their bellies and you can pick from sing, jibber-jabber and harmonize.

For the Darcy toy, this character sings Twinkle Little Star and you can choose from 3 modes – song, jibber-jabber and harmonize. In addition, instead of pressing the belly, you’ll need to press her hand so you can change the mode.

The character is one of the dreamiest of all characters from Sing-a-ma-ling and she enjoys looking up at the sky every night.

The Singamaling Darcy weighs 4.8 pounds and product dimensions are: 2.5 x 5 x 9.2 inches.

This toy is very adorable and it’s purple too which will really appeal to little girls. Your child can bring this along anywhere she goes because it’s very lightweight and handy. It’s a lovable plush toy that sings and definitely a great gift idea.

Check out the toy here.

My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle

My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire CastleLittle girls and ponies are the perfect combination. Nearly every little girl dreams of having a pet pony. If your child wants one but you know it’s not possible then why not gift her with the My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle?

This toy includes a pony figure, a castle playset, a baby pony figure, throne, cradle, baby swing and other accessories. It also comes with an instructions manual and you’ll need to purchase 3 AAA batteries to be able to see its fabulous features.

Your little girl will love how the castle lights up to reflect cutie marks when she presses the heart shaped button.

Some customers who purchased this toy said that it’s very fun to play with and setting it up takes no more than 10-20 minutes. The castle is a lovely blue color and you don’t have to worry about the noise when your child plays with it – it’s not annoying. It can give your child many hours of endless fun so you won’t have to worry about her getting bored while you’re doing your chores.

There have been complaints however that the material feels a bit flimsy so it’s not the best choice if you’re looking for a toy that will last for a long time. But if what you’re looking for is a toy for little girls that has a WOW factor, then this is definitely it. It’s also a good choice of gift if your child or the child you’re giving it to collects My Little Pony toys and characters.

Check out the toy here.

3 Bees & Me Bath Toys for Boys and Girls – Magnet Boats for Toddlers and Older Kids – Fun and Educational 4 Boat Set

3 Bees & Me Bath Toys for Boys and Girls – Magnet BoatsKids love playing with toys during bath time. But you can’t just let them bring any toy, right? Battery operated toys, for example, will break down if exposed to water. If you’re looking for the perfect toy that will make bath time more fun for kids age 3 years old and up, the Magnet Boats from 3 Bees and Me may just be the answer.

This toy gives you the best value because for less than $15 you get 4 boats in one. It’s also safe for kids because the material used to make the toys are BPA free (certified), phthalate free and lead free. Plus, they’re built to last for a very long time (so it’s good for the environment too!).

For little kids, playing with these boats makes for a fun way to learn about numbers and colors, and it also opens up their imagination.

These boats are magnetized which means they can stay together even when floating in the water. The design is very cute and many have complimented 3 Bees and Me for creating such well-thought out bath time toys. The plastic material is very durable and you’ll be hard pressed to find toys similar to this one in terms of design and build within the same price range.

Check out the toy here.

Fisher-Price Shimmer and Shine Magic Flying Carpet

Fisher-Price Shimmer and Shine Magic Flying CarpetFisher-Price has long built a reputation for being one of the most dependable manufacturer of babies and children’s products. Many parents purchase Fisher-Price products because they’re very durable and the Shimmer and Shine Magic Flying Carpet is proof of this.

Crafted from satin fabric with beautiful colors, the magic carpet really mimics the look of the carpet on Shimmer and Shine. It flutters “magically” and your child can pretend to let it fly across the room.

But that’s not all. As you know, many Fisher-Price toys are also educational. With the Shimmer and Shine Magic Flying Carpet, you’ll hear sounds, phrases and music when the jewel which is found at the front is pressed. When you tilt the carpet up or down, it responds with more than 40 magical sounds and fun phrases. It also comes with 6-inch Shimmer and Shine dolls dressed in genie pants and wearing pony tails.

Without a doubt, the Shimmer and Shine dolls are super adorable and they look exactly like their TV show counterparts. Playing with this toy is always fun for little girls and even adults will enjoy watching kids play with the 7 x 10 inch carpet.

If your child loves the Shimmer and Shine TV show, then she will definitely want this toy.

This toy’s dimensions are 16 x 2.5 x 13 inches and it weighs a total of 1.5 pounds. You’ll need 3 AAA batteries for the magic carpet to work.

Check out the toy here.

Peppa Pig Family Pack

Peppa Pig Family PackSince Peppa Pig was introduced as the titular character in the animated television series, the character has captured the hearts of many children. The Peppa Pig series teaches a lot of values, and follows Peppa Pig in her adventures with her family and friends. The popularity of Peppa Pig has gone over and beyond the TV series, making itself known in merchandise, books, and of course, toys.

The Peppa Pig Family Pack is the perfect set to get your little one, because it’s not just Peppa Pig but also her Mummy and Daddy Pig as well her little brother, George. With not just 1 but 4 figurines, this is the perfect starter set for any Peppa Pig fan. The figurines measure 2 x 2 x 3 inches, so they’re the perfect size for collecting.

The only disadvantage to this is that since it’s just the four figures, you’d have more fun if you eventually buy other complementary items to complete the whole Peppa Pig experience. For instance, you’ll have to buy Peppa’s Red Car, or the Peppa Pig Family Campervan.

Check out the toy here.

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily Brunette

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Lily BrunetteBaby Alive is the perfect toy to give little girls. Even at a very young age, you can already develop their nurturing side by giving them a baby doll to take care of. What makes Baby Alive unlike any other doll you’ve seen is the fact that true to its name, it’s really like the baby is alive.

The Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily Brunette is an adorable baby girl with a growing appetite. Your child’s creativity is honed because children can make all kinds of pretend snacks from the 2 one-ounce reusable doll food containers and mold. You can then feed her with her special spoon, and like a real baby, she ‘poops’ out the food in her diaper. This Baby Alive doll also comes with an extra diaper, so your little girl can even practice diaper changing.

The wonderful thing with giving a gift like this is that it’s quite realistic. Pretend play is important for children, because it really taps their imagination and creativity. The only thing with this is that you have to keep your child engaged and make sure she really understands that concept of ‘pooping’ and changing the diaper, otherwise that whole function will be useless.

Check out the toy here.

LeapFrog Scribble and Write

LeapFrog Scribble and WriteDuring the toddler years, it’s important for kids to learn some pre-reading skills that will set them up for when they’re older. Even if they get to learn about reading and writing at an older age, whatever you teach them when they’re 3 to 5 years old will definitely contribute to how fast they will learn letters and numbers when they need to. The seeds you plant in the toddler years are the ones you will sow when they get older, so getting a toy like the LeapFrog Scribble and Write definitely makes sense.

This handy gadget comes with a stylus and a single retraceable surface. It’s designed for both right-handed and left-handed kids, as well as for maximum ease and portability. Basically, you get to pick the letters and numbers by pressing on the corresponding button, and you’ll see lights form the letter (A-Z) or number (1-10) in the pad. With the stylus, the child can then practice tracing and eventually learn some valuable pre-reading and pre-writing skills.

It’s also good to point out that this innovative tablet also teaches letter sounds, so it’s not just the visual but also the auditory recognition of letters. It’s a good learning toy, but you’ll have to be really there with the child to guide her along the process. It’s not something you can leave her alone with and expect her to enjoy by herself.

Check out the toy here.

Fisher-Price Little People See n’ Say Farmer Eddie Says

Fisher-Price Little People See n' Say Farmer Eddie SaysThis neat little toy from Fisher-Price teaches your child animal names and sounds, and is actually the perfect companion for the Little People Animal Friends Farm, which is sold separately. But even if you don’t have that toy however, this is still something your child can appreciate because once she gives it a spin, she won’t be able to stop.

See n’ Say is a classic toy, and all kids have to do is point the arrow at the picture that they want to name. By pulling down the lever, they get to hear what the picture has been programmed to say. See ‘n Say Farmer Eddie Says will help kid identify each farm animal because of the sound that it makes, as well as the name of the animal, which they will hear.

Fisher-Price knows that when it comes to toddlers, it’s best to make toys that can be brought for on-the-go fun and learning. This is why this comes with a built-in handle that makes it portable and convenient to bring just about anywhere. Again, because this is a learning toy, you’ll have to be really hands-on and be present.

Check out the toy here.

Best Christmas Gifts For 3-5 Year Old Girls 2018 Conclusion

From the simplest doll or plush toy to the adorable learning toys that have been perfectly tailored for their age, your little girl will definitely have fun with any of these options. That said, it would also be great to get them a range of toys – from the ones that encourage them to be active to the ones that really help them develop their creativity and imagination, even at a very young age.