Best Christmas Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls 2013

Best Christmas Gifts For 6 Year Old GirlsOn this page are our selection of the best Christmas gifts for 6 year old girls.

Christmas is one of the holidays that children love and appreciate most. They can’t wait to wake up the next morning, go to the Christmas tree and find out what Santa left for them.

However, for those giving the gifts it is really a hard task picking out gifts for children among the wide variety available in toy stores nowadays. Do no fret! We have taken on that task of finding the best gifts for kids and we present you the Top 10 gifts for girls aged 6.

Zoolarious Animal Jokes for Kids

Zoolarious Animal Jokes for KidsKids definitely love to laugh and just enjoy themselves, the Zoolarious Animal Jokes for Kids book will teach your kids jokes that they can relate to.

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This joke book was made for kids since they are based entirely upon animals. With jokes that go like this: “Q: What kid of bear doesn’t have any teeth? A: A gummy bear!” your kids will really have a good time sharing jokes with you and even with their friends.

Parents agree that this collection is great for kids, with animal-themed jokes, the can easily relate to the jokes and of course understand it. In addition to this, kids can also learn how to spell word that they are not yet familiar with.

Other parents who bought the book for their kids feel that the book is far too simple and that the selection is not that great.

This book will definitely give you children laughs for hours to come. It is simple enough for them to be able to understand it but adults can also have a great time by telling these jokes to their kids.

Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad

Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring PadParents always want their kids to be highly active and just simply enjoy the perks of being a kid. The Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad is a gift that your children will surely enjoy.

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This trampoline set lets your kids enjoy but also ensures that they are safe by placing a net around the trampoline. It is also made of high quality galvanized steel making the structure highly stabilized.

All the materials used to build that set are also UV protected so it makes it great for outdoor use and has increased weather resistance.

One of the features that parents love about this trampoline set is that it is very easy to assemble and kids can immediately play inside it. Also, the trampoline is very sturdy and the padding around the enclosure is really secure.

However, there are some shipping issues that cause parts to be misplaced as mentioned by some customers.

This product is definitely built to last and will grow up with your children. It is safe but at the same time fun for kids to jump around in, be active and have a good time.

Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends

Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal FriendsOf course, little girls have fallen in love with the hit TV Series Sofia the First. Girls always dream about being a princess and with the Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends they will definitely enjoy!

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This doll set does not only include a 10-inch Sofia the First doll but it also has 3 of her animal best friends that can also talk. Sofia can talk and interact with the other characters by placing them near her amulet.

Over 30 phrases can be unlocked with this doll and her amulet even glows just like in the Disney Junior animated series.

Parents love that this Sofia doll comes close to the real depiction in the series, she even comes in her signature purple gown with tiara. The interaction with her animal friends is also a great hit with children.

Some find though that the smaller pieces are poorly made and they have to be held at an angle in order to interact with Sofia.

If your little girl is a big fan of Sofia the First then she will surely fall in love with this doll. Girls will be able to use their imagination and create different adventures with Sofia and her favorite animal friends.

Doc McStuffins Get Better Check-Up Table

Doc McStuffins Get Better Check-Up TableMost kids love role playing and of course they love to dream about what they would wish to become in the future. If your child is a budding doctor then the Doc McStuffins Get Better Check-Up Table is the perfect gift.

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This check-up table includes everything your child might need when doing play check-ups or examining their patients. It is also based upon the TV series and is a perfect gift for kids who are fans.

It includes 10 different ways to play such as an eye chart, X-ray, Big Book of BooBoos and also includes a plush Lambie.

Kids will definitely love the different accessories that come with this so that they can role play being a doctor. It is also big enough for children to play around with and has a lot of different features so that kids don’t get bored easily.

Parents do worry how durable the set is since it is made of plastic.

Allow your kids to experience what it is like to become a doctor with this check-up table. They can have lots of fun checking up patients, giving diagnosis and even healing Lambie.

Despicable Me 2(Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet) (2013)

Despicable Me 2 Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet 2013Who doesn’t love the Minions from the hit movie Despicable Me? Everyone have adored the Minions even from the first movie but they take on a more important role on the second movie and the Despicable Me 2(Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet) (2013) will surely see your kids watching this film over and over again.

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This set of course features the blockbuster hit movie but it also includes special features that you don’t get from any other set. It has mini-movies starring the Minions, deleted scenes from the movie, a story on the Evil Minions, cast interviews and so much more.

Parents love this movie for their kids since it is full of fun and laughter but it also teaches kids valuable lessons.

The characters are entertaining and very original while Gru and his little girls show audiences what it is like to create a not so typical family. However, some think that the Evil Minions in the movie might scare some children.

This movie is full of hilarity, adventure and despicableness that your children will surely enjoy.

Ivy & Bean’s Secret Treasure Box (Books 1-3)

Ivy and Bean's Secret Treasure Box Books 1-3Books are just one of those things that people enjoy from their childhood and even until their adulthood. Let your kids discover the fun in reading with the Ivy & Bean’s Secret Treasure Box (Books 1-3).

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The book is about two girls, Ivy and Bean who are the complete opposite of each other. They get together one day and discover that they can somehow be the best of friends. The set follows them in their everyday life experiences from school, family and friends.

This book features stories that focus on friendship and characters that are very entertaining and down to earth. Kids also love the surprise that came with this boxed set, which is a secret diary or journal that they can use.

Although some customers have expressed their concern that the books contain “mean” or inappropriate words for young children.

A great book for children who have started expressing their interest in reading. Also, a book that girls will surely enjoy since they will be able to relate with the experiences and friendship developed by Ivy & Bean.

Disney Princess: Fairy Tale Songs

Disney Princess Fairy Tale SongsDisney Princesses and songs? Now that is a combination that you can’t beat and definitely something that your little girl will enjoy and the Disney Princess: Fairy Tale Songs brings these together.

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The CD features some of the most popular songs of the different Disney Princesses. From the fierce Mulan to caring Pocahontas, this CD brings together the classic songs that Disney has produced throughout the years.

It features 14 tracks of the signature songs of the different princesses like Ariel’s Part of Your World.

Customers like that this CD features the songs by characters in the film and that way kids are able to recognize them. It is also a nice mix of old and new since it includes classic songs and newer ones also.

However, some find that the songs included are not that popular compared to other CDs.

This is a great mix of Disney songs that little girls will surely enjoy whether it be while they are in the car or even just at home.

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Disney/Pixar Monsters University Varsity Edition Bundle

LeapFrog LeapPad2 DisneyPixar Monsters University Varsity Edition BundleTablets have been one of the popular gifts for adults and even for children nowadays. However, some of them cater mostly to adults and while there are a number of games for children, parental control is not one of the features of some brands.

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But the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Disney/Pixar Monsters University Varsity Edition Bundle is made for kids and will allow parents to customize it for their kids.

This tablet is Wi-Fi enabled but ensures kid-safe Web browsing and is considered durable for kids since it has a rubberized frame and tear-resistant gel skin. It comes with 4GB worth of memory, 10 apps, 7 wallpapers, 2 sticker sheets and $20 Digital Download Card.

It also has front and back facing camera like other tablets. More importantly, it works with LeapFrog’s library that has more than 800 apps, eBooks, videos, songs, etc.

Some of the notable features that parents love about this product is the different colors and textures that it has. Since it is based upon the Monster’s Inc. University movie the colors are really bright and interesting for children.

The textures around the tablet also make it easy for children to hold onto. More importantly, LeapFrog has a huge selection of educational apps that will surely grab your child’s attention but also allow them to develop skills.

Others find that the lack of a built-in rechargeable battery is a negative feature of this product.

If your kids love Monster’s Inc. then they will surely love this tablet with its interesting apps and accessories that feature characters from the hit movie.

PlasmaCar Pink

PlasmaCar PinkOne of the staple toys that kids should have would be of course a bike but parents usually worry that their kid is not yet ready to ride a bike. The PlasmaCar Pink is definitely a great way to train your kids and enhance their motor skills.

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The PlasmaCar is a simple toy that does not require batteries, pedals or gears. It moves through mechanical operation, by turning the steering while it moves the car forward and also steers it. It encourages physical activity and also develops motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

This award winning toy is definitely a hit for children since it challenges their motor skills. It runs on kinetic energy so kids have to wiggle the steering wheel a bit before it starts to move.

Parents love that their kids enjoy driving around with this toy and it also promotes exercise for young kids. However, as suggested by the manufacturer the car is intended to run on smooth surfaces only and its not ideal for carpeted floors or grass.

A fun toy to have for kids especially little ones that are very active. It keeps them busy, promotes physical activity and also develops motor skills.

Furby Boom Figure

Furby Boom Figure Polka DotsKids usually ask for pets but of course as parents, we want them to learn how to be responsible in taking care of animals. The Furby Boom Figure is a digital pet that will teach your kids about responsibility.

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The Furby Boom interacts with your child and has different responses, how your kid interacts will also shape its personality. It also has additional features that can be used by downloading the app on the AppStore or GoooglePlay.

Your kids will be able to give their Furby food, showers and even check-ups through the app. In addition to this, they can also hatch and raise virtual Furblings and interact with other Furbies.

Since the Furby needs to be taken care of, parents love that their children learn to know what it needs. They have to virtually feed the toy at specific times and even give them a bath.

Also, the Furblings need to be looked after so your kids really learn about being responsible. But the app that allows other features to be accessed is limited only to a certain kinds of gadgets like Apple and Android.

This toy is an upgraded version of the classic Furby toy since children can know hatch virtual eggs and even allow Furbies to interact with each other but still maintaining its ability to let children be responsible and take care of a virtual pet.

Best Christmas Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls 2013 Conclusion

Whether your girl loves the abilities of Sofia the first and her animal friends, or Doc McStuffins and her healing abilities, or her very own Furby Boom Polka Dots furry friend, our selections of the best Christmas gifts for 6 year old girls we feel are a fantastic choice.

We hope you enjoyed reading our list of recommendations of gifts to buy for 6-7 year old girls for Christmas 2013. Whether you like to give educational gifts or fun activity gifts, the top 10 hot toys for Christmas for girls of 6-7 years of age was covered above in a list featuring all sorts of toys. You may also like to check out the latest version of best Christmas gifts for 6-7 year old girls.