Best Christmas Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys 2013

Best Christmas Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys 2013NOTE: This is a page covering the 2013 best list. While many toys are still on sale and popular, you may also be interested in this year’s version of the Best Christmas Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys.

Christmas might just be the favorite holiday of most kids. Who does not remember waking up early on Christmas day, rushing to the Christmas tree to see what presents you got from Santa?

We have gathered the Top 10 gifts that 8 year old boys will surely love.

Make sure that your kid will love the gift that they will receive from you this Christmas with one of these hot choices.

Flexible Flyer Snowball Maker

Flexible Flyer Snowball MakerLet your kids take snowball fights to a whole new level with the Flexible Flyer Snowball Maker.

This is a lightweight snowball maker that creates perfectly round snowballs in a matter of seconds. Measures 15 inches long and has a molded handle making it easy and comfortable to use.

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Customers love that the snowball maker makes snowballs in the right compactness. They are compact enough to be aerodynamic but not too tightly that it can end up hurting someone. However, others have reported that the product breaks apart easily.

Let your kids enjoy the snow this coming winter with this snowball maker, no more timeouts and no freezing hands just pure fun and enjoyment.

Franklin Sports Indoor 2-in-1 Goal Set

Franklin Sports Indoor 2-in-1 Goal SetThere’s no denying that kids this age are very active, if your kids are hockey fans then the Franklin Sports Indoor 2-in-1 Goal Set will be a great gift for them.

The toy is a 2-in-1 hockey set, it can be used for street hockey or knee hockey. It includes 2 netted goals, 2 adjustable hockey sticks, 2 mini hockey sticks and foam hockey balls.

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Parents like that this hockey set can be used inside a room or even outside on the street. Kids can play knee hockey in a small room and transition into street hockey outdoors. However, it is not weather proof so the set cannot be left outside.

Let your boys enjoy hockey with this set, which includes foam balls and not real hockey pucks making it safe to be used inside the house.

Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset

Hot Wheels Car Maker PlaysetEvery little boy wants to play with cars, why not let them make their very own car with the Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset?

This set turns a piece of wax into a functioning Hot Wheels car in minutes. The machine has lights and sounds to help kids through the process.

It includes the car maker machine, 2 molds, wax sticks, chassis and sticker sheets.

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Kids love how they can create their own Hot Wheels car with this set. Also, refill packs are available that has more wax sticks and different molds so children can keep creating different cars.

However, some parents think that the wax is not that durable especially if kids play with the cars a lot.

This is a great gift for budding car enthusiasts, allow your kids to create and even design their own functioning Hot Wheels cars.

Mendini MJDS-5-BK Complete 16-Inch 5-Piece Black Junior Drum Set with Cymbals, Drumsticks and Adjustable Throne

Mendini MJDS-5-BK Complete 16-Inch 5-Piece Black Junior Drum Set with Cymbals Drumsticks and Adjustable ThroneIf your child is into music then he will definitely love the Mendini MJDS-5-BK Complete 16-Inch 5-Piece Black Junior Drum Set with Cymbals, Drumsticks and Adjustable Throne.

This drum set basically has all the features of your regular drum set but its size is perfect for kids. It includes a bass drum, tom toms, floor toms, snare drum, cymbal, a pair of wooden drum sticks and an adjustable padded seat.

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Parents agree that this is a perfect starter kit for kids who love to play the drums. It is well-made and also very sturdy. Although some customers feel that the sounds the drum makes are not that authentic or close to a real drum set.

Let your kid discover his talent and love from music with this drum set and fulfill his dreams of becoming a drummer of his favorite band.

Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ Tablet

Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch TabletKids of this generation are definitely technology savvy, making the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ Tablet a perfect gift for them.

This tablet comes with a large 8.9” display making it perfect for movies and games. It has ultra fast Wi-Fi and a wide variety of Apps and games.

Moreover, it comes with the Kindle FreeTime feature that enables parents to create custom profiles for their kids and also setting parental controls.

The most notable feature for parents is of course the Kindle FreeTime, with the presence of this feature it enables to apply parental controls and restrict which apps their kids can access. Also, the large screen is ideal for kids, making educational games more fun for them.

With this product you can now share a tablet with your kids and save a lot of money, create profiles for them without having to delete any of your important data.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Magic SetLet your kids learn magic and amaze their friends with the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set.

This set comes with a wooden storage chest that also transforms into a table with a secret compartment. It also includes 10 tricks and everything your child needs to learn basic magic tricks like disappearing objects and prediction tricks, all of which are very easy to learn.

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Customers agree that this specific set is well made and very durable for kids. Also, the tricks included are not complicated but they are still entertaining.

However, others say that some of the tricks are complicated and even adults had a hard time learning them.

This toy is perfect for kids who love magic, let them learn tricks and also wow their friends with their very own magic show.

LEGO City 60022 Cargo Terminal Toy Building Set

LEGO City 60022 Cargo Terminal Toy Building SetPut together airplanes and Lego and you get the LEGO City 60022 Cargo Terminal Toy Building Set, an amazing toy that your kids with surely love

This Lego set includes a cargo plane measuring in at about 6 inches high, 22 inches long and 17 inches wide. It also includes 5 mini figures with accessories and the plane also has movable parts.

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It is very easy for children to build but it also takes a little time to do so. In addition to this, customers also agree that the plane details are very accurate and realistic. However, others feel that the set is a little too expensive for a Lego.

Your kids will surely enjoy building and playing with this set, it has all the accessories and even minifigures for your kids to enjoy.

Laser Maze Logic Game

Laser Maze Logic GameIf your kids love board games, then they will also love the Laser Maze Logic Game.

The objective of the game is to make the laser light hit a target using tokens that are lights and mirrors that reflect the laser light. It comes with a game grid, 60 challenge cards, instruction manual, batteries and 11 game tokens.

Parents love that this game enables their child to learn about sequential reasoning and planning. The fact that the challenge cards come in different difficulty levels is also a notable feature of this product.

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It should be noted though that the laser light might be too distracting for younger children since they tend to stare at it.

This logic game takes board games to a whole new level; your kids will definitely enjoy the real laser lights but at the same time be challenged and learn about strategy.

Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme Remote Controlled Vehicle, Colors May Vary

Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme Remote Controlled Vehicle Colors May VaryAllow your kids to experience the fun in playing with remote controlled cars with the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme Remote Controlled Vehicle.

This RC car is perfect for outdoor play and getting that off-road experience. It is 12.5 inches long and has 3 powerful motors, 2 for driving and 1 for steering. It is lightweight but is made of high quality, durable materials.

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For customers the car lives up to its promise, it has 4-wheel drive capabilities so it can and will go over any kind of surface even dirt or rocks. In addition to this, the remote is also easy to use and the size is perfect for kids to be able to hold it.

Although some feel that the car is not that powerful enough and that it is too slow compared to other brands.

This RC car is perfect for kids who love playing outside, they can even play simultaneously with friends who have the same car.

An Elf’s Story DVD

An Elf's Story DVDIf your kids are already curios about Santa and his elves then the An Elf’s Story DVD is the perfect gift for them this coming Christmas.

Basically, it is based on the Elf in the shelf tradition and he story is about a Scout Elf who has to restore a family’s belief in Christmas. It also shows how a Scout Elf gets his or her family to look after.

Parents who follow Elf on the Shelf love how the movie answers a lot of their kids’ questions like why can’t the elf be touched and why it doesn’t move when anyone is awake. The movie is only around 30 minutes long and customers agree that this length is perfect for children.

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However, some do feel that the cost does not justify the movie since it is more of like a short film rather than a full-length movie.

The Elf on the Shelf is great tradition to get into this Christmas, it teaches concepts like Santa’s naughty vs. nice list and so much more. Let them get on the Christmas spirit and discover what it means with this DVD.