Best Christmas Gifts For Teenage Girls 2018

Best Christmas Gifts For Teenage Girls 2016On this page we’ve selected out pick of a few of the Best Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls 2018. Toys are such a big part of childhood, that even when kids hit the teenage years, they never really stop.

A twenty-year research study has tracked several participants from when they were four years old up to their teenage years, concluding that toys and childhood stimulation are critical to brain development. As the children mature, the toys need to level up as well.

Teenage girls have so much to choose from in terms of the toys available out there. Below is a list of some of the best toys in 2018 that you can get for your teen girl.

Electronic Catchphrase Game

electronic-catchphrase-gameTeenage girls who are good at words will definitely lean towards toys that help them hone these skills. But even if you’re not exactly a wordsmith, you will still enjoy the Electronic Catchphrase Game. This game has five categories: Fun & Games, Entertainment, Everyday Life, The World and Variety. Because these categories are so broad, it’s not just about being smart with words. Even those who just enjoy bits and pieces of trivia will surely enjoy this game as well.

Basically, the aim of the game is to challenge the players to guess words and phrases. The person holding the game unit should describe the phrase or the words that’s displayed in the LED screen, and the team should be able to guess correctly. You should then pass it on to the next team, and so on. The goal is to not hold the game unit as the timer stops.

This is a classic game that’s highly-rated and well-loved by many because it brings out competitiveness and fun. Users love that there are 5,000 of up-to-date words and phrases, so it’s always relevant and fun to play with. The game is so simple but brings so much laughter when you’re playing it with family and friends.

The only qualm some users have about this one is that it seems like the timer is so fast. Depending on how fast you are, some of them could only get 2 to 4 clues out at a time. This of course builds up the pressure so some users actually prefer it this way as well.

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American Girl Ultimate Crafting Kit

61ymtoyl46lThe mission of American Girl is to fuel connection and belonging among girls, and it started with a line of dolls that helps them gain self-confidence and the ability to dream and envision their futures. American Girl also expanded into books, cookware, and even arts and crafts. The American Girl Ultimate Crafting Kit is perfect for young ladies, especially if they’re already American Girl fans to begin with.

With this crafting kit, a teenage girl can design and create jewelry and crafts for herself and her doll. What’s great about this kit is that it’s packed. The kit includes everything needed to do this, from iridescent donut beads and earring hooks to embroidery floss, pearls, round beads, mini clothespins, twine, spool, bottles, and other such materials. The wide variety of color and design ensures that different personalities will enjoy this. It also comes with an instructional design guide, so while girls are given a lot of room to exercise and explore their creativity, there are also some guidelines and suggestions that they could follow.

This crafting kit is ideal for teenagers because of all the tiny pieces that it contains. When girls are a bit older they tend to be more responsible when it comes to looking after their things and cleaning up after playing. If you give this to girls who are much younger, you’d probably have glitter and beads all over the place, which is one of the criticisms other users have about it.

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LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory 21302 Building Kit

lego-ideas-the-big-bang-theory-21302-building-kitChildren don’t really outgrow LEGO. Arguably the most popular brand for building toys, it’s such a classic and what usually happens is that kids just look for more challenging kits to build. If your teenage girl loved LEGO sets as a child, chances are she’ll still appreciate something like the LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory 21302 Building Kit. This is even more true if she’s into The Big Bang Theory as well.

The Big Bang Theory is a highly-rated American sitcom that features socially awkward but really intelligent friends and co-workers as they journey through the ups and downs of life. Now they’re bringing The Big Bang Theory to the world of LEGO, and the result is nothing less than awesome. This building kit has 484 pieces, allowing teenagers to build an authentic replica of Leonard and Sheldon’s living room. The finished product, measuring 3” x 8” x 4”, is amazing. This makes it ideal for display or even for role-playing key scenes from the series. People also love that this comes with 7 mini-figures, making sure that the gang is complete: Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette. It even has other iconic elements from the show, such as a whiteboard and telescope, among others.

The only thing you need to remember of course is that even if this is ideal for teenagers who love LEGO, if they know nothing about The Big Bang Theory then they wouldn’t be able to appreciate it as much.

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Giant Inflatable Pink Flamingo Pool Float – Includes Pump – Jumbo Pool Toy Floatie Raft

giant-inflatable-pink-flamingo-pool-float-includes-pump-jumbo-pool-toy-floatie-raft-with-built-in-cup-holdersWhen it comes to poolside fun, it’s always better to have your own inflatable floatie that allows you to chill like a villain. Teenagers love pool parties and hanging around with friends, so this giant inflatable pink flamingo pool float is definitely ideal for them.

One of the best things about this toy is that when you get it, you also get the pump. This means you don’t have to worry about how to inflate (or even deflate) it, as long as you have 4D batteries. No extra effort needed. It’s also great because at 80”, this raft is big enough for two. It also comes with handles on the flamingo’s neck as well as grommets, so you can tie up your raft and you don’t have to worry about it floating away. Those who have this are really happy about it, especially because it’s made of high-quality, tear-resistant, heavy-duty vinyl that’s 3mm thick and comes with reinforced seams.

While reviews are generally positive and almost everyone’s happy about the quality of this one, some users have commented that it starts to deflate just a bit if you use it for many hours. This isn’t really much of a concern because the floatie is big enough. Also, this is but natural because you don’t usually play with it the entire day anyway.

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Speak Out Game

speak-out-gameThe teenage years are some of the most social years of a person’s life. Teenagers love hanging out with their friends, so many of the toys that appeal to them would have to involve group fun as well. The Speak Out Game by Hasbro is out of those hilariously unique and unforgettable games that can be enjoyed with friends and family, making it ideal for teenagers.

Made for 4-5 players, this game includes 200 double-sided cards that give you many phrases to choose from. It also comes with 5 mouthpieces, which is what sets this game apart from all others. The mouthpiece obviously makes you look funny but more importantly, it makes speech difficult and makes you sound ridiculously funny. This is definitely a hit among teenagers because it’s a simple enough game but brings loads of laughter.

The only criticism about it is that it only comes with 5 mouthpieces, which makes it unhygienic and difficult if you have more than 5 players. The remedy is to buy a few more mouthpieces separately to ensure that many more people can have fun with it. You can of course also wash the mouthpieces properly, but getting a few additional ones should be easy enough.

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Funko POP Rides: Game of Thrones – Dragon & Daenerys Action Figure

funko-pop-rides-game-of-thrones-dragon-daenerys-action-figureEver since Game of Thrones was released on television, it has managed to get a cult following of fans that would look forward to every single episode. The Game of Thrones franchise is undeniably popular – from the books to the series and now to the various toys that have sprung from it. This Funko POP Rides: Game of Thrones – Dragon & Daenerys Action Figure is ideal for Game of Thrones fans, especially because it features one of the show’s most loved female characters.

Funko POP is famous for making vinyl figures and collectible items based on famous characters, but this latest one that features Daenerys is unique because she comes with her special ride, a dragon. Truly a collectible item, you basically get Daenerys riding Drogon, and the whole figurine stands at 4 inches tall. It’s wonderful because of the incredible detail that comes with it. Just like any other Funko POP product, it has just the right amount of detail to allow you to connect it to the character, but also that unique Funko touch. Both Daenerys and the dragon are made with stunning detail, making this ideal for display.

To complete the collection, you can also get other Game of Thrones-inspired Funko vinyl figures, and there are a lot. Aside from the other iconic characters, you can even opt to get a Daenerys figure separately, as well as her other dragons. People love this minifigure so much, the only criticism is that they wish it was a little bigger.

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Buffalo Games Darrell Bush: Echo Bay – 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Buffalo Games

buffalo-games-darrell-bush-echo-bay-1000-piece-jigsaw-puzzle-by-buffalo-gamesJigsaw puzzles are a great way to spend time productively while having fun. Puzzles are great at stimulating the brain and challenging one’s hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, problem-solving skills, and many others. Many children have grown up solving puzzles, so even as they become teenagers, this is still an enjoyable thing to do. Buffalo Games has puzzles for all ages, and this one featuring Echo Bay from Darrell Bush is one of the most beautiful.

Darrell Bush is one of America’s most popular contemporary artists, and he’s well known for his paintings about nature and the wilderness. This particular jigsaw puzzle depicts one of his most famous works, Echo Bay. With 1,000 pieces, it’s challenging enough for teenage girls to work on. The best thing about this is that the finished product is an artistic masterpiece, so it’s like getting a toy and a painting in one. Once you assemble it, the finished product is 26.75 x 19.75 inches.

Another great thing about this is that it’s made in the USA using premium quality materials. The puzzle board is made of recycled materials, but the quality is pretty good. It was also manufactured using a precision cutting technique, so the puzzle pieces will fit perfectly. This is not one of those flimsy puzzles that get destroyed easily. It’s something that lasts a long time. The only criticism is that some people find it too big, making it difficult to work on. You really need to stay in one place and finish it, because it’s too cumbersome to bring around. For 1,000 pieces though, most people think the size is just perfect.

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Watch a video about Darrell Bush here.

The Original Rich Dad CASHFLOW® 101 Board Game with Exclusive Bonus Message from Robert Kiyosaki

the-original-rich-dad-cashflow-101-board-game-with-exclusive-bonus-message-from-robert-kiyosakiWhen Robert Kiyosaki wrote the first Rich Dad, Poor Dad book as well as all the other subsequent books to the series, his ideas about building wealth and maximizing cash flow really became popular. It became a great way to explain the value of money to teenagers and young people, because the ideas are simple enough to understand. The Original Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game takes this learning one level higher and ensures that young minds get to learn the concepts through a fun and interactive manner.

People love this board game because it’s so effective in teaching complicated financial topics to teenagers. It teaches you not just to build your wealth and establish assets but also how to face investing situations. It’s a fun game to play but it also gives the players a lot of practical knowledge that may not be as easy to digest if it were learned using more traditional ways. Parents especially love this because it builds this useful knowledge that their children can take with them anywhere they go. It also comes with an exclusive bonus message from Robert Kiyosaki, so this one’s really a winner in terms of its educational value.

There are hardly any critical reviews for this board game, except perhaps those who are also critical of Robert Kiyosaki’s principles. More often than not though, people are very happy about this.

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Toysmith Rock Science Kit

toysmith-rock-science-kitIf your teenager is into natural sciences (especially geology) and exploring the world around her, then this Toysmith Rock Science Kit is definitely ideal. The kit itself includes 15 rock specimens and a magnifying glass. The goal of the kit is to teach people how to identify and classify different rock specimens, but in a fun and exciting way.

This is definitely a complete rock science kit in that it contains 5 specimens each for igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. The specific rocks included are the following: Igneous – granite, scoria, obsidian, basalt, rhyolite; Sedimentary – sandstone, calcareous tufa, shale, limestone, conglomerate; Metamorphic – shist, marble, slate, gneiss, slate. Because of this, you sort of feel like you’re a scientist and explorer with this kit, which really appeals to a lot of young and curious minds. It also comes with a handy plastic tray that helps keep the rocks together when they’re not in use.

The only criticism some users have about this is that the rock samples would’ve served their purpose better if they were a bit bigger. Some people find these samples too small. However, it’s a great starter kit in general, especially for the minimal price that you need to pay to get it.

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Harry Potter Wand Pen And Bookmark

harry-potter-wand-pen-and-bookmarkAn entire generation of children has grown up reading the Harry Potter books, and the immense popularity of the franchise is one of the reasons why anything and everything related to Harry Potter is sure to be a bestseller. If your teenage girl is a Harry Potter fan and grew up reading the books and watching the movies, then she’d surely enjoy the Harry Potter Wand Pen and Bookmark.

Licensed and authentic, what this toys set gives you is a pen that has been fashioned from Harry Potter’s famous wand. It also comes with a bookmark, so it’s the perfect gift to give to Harry Potter fans and book lovers alike. The best thing about this is the quality and authenticity of the product.

Because it’s a pen and bookmark, it can be brought anywhere and that means they’ll be taking the magic of Harry Potter with them wherever they go as well. It’ll remind them of the magical world of Harry Potter and it’s also something that they can actually use. As Harry Potter is still very hot in 2016 with the new book and theater show, it is no wonder that this product is so highly-rated and desired.

There is a slight criticism from a few buyers that the pen could be a littler heavier than the normal pens people are used to. But most people are quite happy with it.

If the teenage girl is more likely to want to channel Hermione than fawn over Harry, then this set is also available in a Hermione version too.

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Magic the Gathering Origins Fat Pack

magic-the-gathering-origins-fat-packMagic the Gathering is a trading card game that has gained so much popularity over the last couple of years. Because it’s a trading card game, it doesn’t only involve collecting rare cards but also interacting with others who may have the cards that you want.

New cards are regularly released, so you can never have too many cards and people will always clamor for more. There’s a worldwide community of card players that love this to pieces, so if your teenager is one of them, then this Origins Fat Pack is the perfect one to get for her.

Basically, you get a fat pack that really works well as a booster for your collection. The pack includes 9 Mgic Origins 15-card booster packs, an 80-card basic land pack, 2 deck boxes, 1 spindown life counter, 1 card box, 1 learn-to-play insert, and of course a player’s guide that gives you a complete visual encyclopedia about Magic Origins.

People love the quality of the cards, and the number of cards that you get with this pack. The only disadvantage is of course if you’re not familiar with the Magic Origins world. If that’s the case, then you wouldn’t really appreciate this. That’s the only limiting factor that makes it difficult for others to have fun with it.

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Best Christmas Gifts For Teenage Girls 2018 Conclusion

For teenage girls, the toys that they’re interested in are more or less already determined, because at this stage their personalities already shine. So in picking the best toys for Christmas 2018, we’ve tried to be diverse to cover all bases. Some would be really good at arts, crafts, and building things, while others would prefer word games. Some would still be interested in collecting dolls, figurines, and all sorts of pretty things.

These are just a small selection of the Best Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls 2018. As the selections take you to Amazon, if none of them take your fancy, there are many more ideas there to choose from.