Best Pretend Play Toys for ChristmasOne of the best things about being a kid is that you can let your imagination run wild. There are no limits to what you can think of and imagine, and this makes childhood so much fun. Pretend play is a big part of being a child, so there are a number of toys that help children create different worlds and become whatever they set their minds to be. These are the Best Pretend Play Toys for Christmas 2018:

Play Kitchens and Food

Toy kitchens and sets involving food are great gifts to give because they teach kids some really valuable and practical life skills. Kids love pretend play, and having their very own kitchen set really makes their imagination come alive. The great thing about play kitchens is the amount of detail poured into the design. Oftentimes, they come complete with everything you’d find in your own kitchen, but perfectly sized for children. These play sets can also be placed within the actual kitchen, so they can play alongside you.

Play food makes the experience complete because they could ‘prepare’ these in the kitchen. By itself, a play food sets are also great because they’re quite versatile and can be used beyond the kitchen setting. They could be used for pretend picnics, tea parties, dinners, and many more.

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

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This vintage kitchen by KidKraft is chic and stylish in its all-white look. Upon assembly, this has a height of 35.7 inches so it’s just the right size for the little ones. This comes complete with all the features you would find in a real kitchen, with doors (to the microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and other cabinets) that open and oven knobs that can be turned. The sink is also easy to remove so cleanup is not a problem, and you have other remarkable details like the turntable in the microwave and the oven drawers that slide in and out. There’s even a cordless phone!

Melissa & Doug Food Groups – 21 Hand-Painted Wooden Pieces and 4 Crates

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Play food is a great way to teach kids about the different food groups and the nutritional value they could get from them. This play set by Melissa & Doug comes with 4 handy crates that kids can use to sort the 21 food pieces – which are hand-painted and crafted from wood. Whether as a standalone set or as part of a play kitchen, this is really a great gift because all the food groups are complete – meats/proteins, breads/carbohydrates, dairy, fruits and vegetables. It’s a fun way to play pretend but at the same time learn about new concepts.

KidKraft Uptown Natural Kitchen

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Another great kitchen set from KidKraft, this one stands at 41 inches and is large enough for multiple children to use all at once. It has a modern look to it, with a stylish wood and chrome finish. As far as appliances go, this kitchen is complete – there’s a microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, and oven – and all of them have doors that you can conveniently open and close. The counter top design is speckled and there’s even a chalkboard surface on the freezer – so kids can write notes just like in real life. Some other neat additional features include a cordless phone and a paper towel holder.

Kids’ Workbenches and Tools

For kids who want to be little handymen, workbenches and tool kits are quite popular. These kits usually come with exact replicas of the tools that they would see in their dad’s tool boxes, and this is what makes it extra special. Not only do they get to learn about how these tools operate and how to fix things around the house, but they also get to be their dad’s mini-me.

With tool boxes, just make sure you pay attention to how many pieces are in the kit, and if these tools are made to be safe for the use of children. It’s also ideal to have these tools in one portable box or container to make safekeeping easier.

Black & Decker Jr. Tool Box

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This tool box from Black & Decker Jr. includes 14 tools and accessories – all contained in one handy and portable tool box. Suitable for ages 3 and older, the tools are safe for kids to play with but they really mimic the tools you would need in real life, complete with all the unique details. In fact, if dad has a Black & Decker tool box, this will be the exact kid-sized replica and little boys would love it. The 14-piece tool kit includes the wrench, saw, screw driver, hammer, and other such tools.

Kidzlane Durable Kids Tool Set

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This 19-piece tool kit also comes in a sturdy plastic case, and is perfectly safe for kids to play with. From as young as 3 years old to much older, kids will have a lot of fun with this set, also because the details are remarkable. From safety goggles, channel lock pliers and plastic hammer to a real tape measure and all the nails, nuts and bolts you need, the tools are made of heavy-duty material so you don’t get flimsy plastic that’s easily worn out. The highlight though is the battery-powered cordless drill, which has a realistic drilling sound.

Black & Decker Junior 14 Piece Toy Tool Belt Set

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This 14-piece tool set from Black & Decker is unique because it comes with a tool belt (complete with black & Decker logo) that kids can wear around their waist. The belt is adjustable thanks to the Velcro strap, so kids can continue use this as they grow older. Children as young as 3 years old can enjoy this, and the tools are completely safe for them to use. The tools are also designed to be realistic, with the same unique details you would find in Black & Decker tools for grown-ups. The set includes nails, a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, and many more. It even has safety goggles.

Kids’ Cleaning Sets

Kids surprisingly love having their own tools to pretend that they’re cleaning up the house. With a cleaning set, they can pretend to take responsibility for a chore that is normally for adults, and that’s cleaning up. The good news is that there are a number of cleaning sets available that have been specifically designed for kids’ tiny hands, and created to be non-toxic and easy to play with.

When choosing among several options, check out how many pieces are included in the set and whether it comes with a container that makes storage easy. Also check the recommended age of use, because some parts may be too small for little kids.

Melissa & Doug Spray, Squirt & Squeegee Play Set

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This pretend play cleaning set from Melissa & Doug includes a waterproof caddy with handle, making it easy for kids to store and bring around. It also comes with a cleaning checklist, which is great for helping kids learn about the purpose of the cleaning tools they have at hand, and where to best use it around the house. The cleaning tools in this set include a scouring powder can, brush, squeegee, sponge, scouring powder can, squirt bottle, and spray bottle. It encourages fun and imaginative pretend play for hours and hours – they’ll never get bored!

Xifan Kid’s Housekeeping Cleaning Tools

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This 5-piece set contains all the basic tools you would need to maintain the cleanliness of any household, so it’s a great gift for pretend play. Armed with cleaning tools like the broom, dustpan, mop, brush, and towel, little kids can do their part in cleaning the house and really imagine that they’re like mom or dad. The tools are made of durable and safe material so there’s no need to worry. This can be safely ussed by kids as young as 2 years old to about 6 years of age.

Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop! 6-Piece Pretend Play Set

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Melissa & Doug have created a fantastic set with this cleaning set. With 6 pieces consisting of broom, mop, duster, dust pan, brush, and storage stand, this pretend play cleaning set is a gift that will make any kid feel special. It’s one of the most versatile cleaning play sets available. With its stand, kids can push around all the tools as they ‘clean’ around the house and then keep them safely stored in one place. This is really useful because then you won’t have to deal with looking for missing pieces. Another great thing about this play set is that all the toys were created using sturdy wooden construction, so it’ll be a toy that kids can use for a long time. With luck, once they’re old enough, they’ll be helping you clean for real!

Dress Up Costumes

No pretend play is complete without the right costumes for dress up, so this is also one gift option that can make a lot of kids happy. There is a wide range of dress up costumes available as well, so the kid you’re giving it to can become practically anything. From super practical costumes where they can pretend to be grown-up doctors and firemen and construction workers to costumes where they can enter make believe worlds and pretend to be a mermaid or superhero or wizard or fairy princess, the possibilities are endless.

With costumes, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting the size that’s perfect for the one you’re giving it to. A few costumes are free size but mostly, there’s a recommended age range for the different sizes available. Pay attention to this as well as to the material used in crafting the costume.

Melissa & Doug Construction Worker Role Play Costume Dress-Up Set

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This dress up set by Melissa & Doug allows kids to role play being a construction worker, because it comes complete with all the elements – a hard hat, plastic tools, a tool belt, goggles, and a construction worker’s signature vest. Made from high quality materials, you need not worry about durability because this will last you a long time. The costume is also machine washable so it’s easy to clean, and this even comes with a name tag so kids can personalize their costume further. This is ideal for kids aged 3-6.

Little Mermaid Deluxe Costume for Child with Long Red Wig by Spooktacular Creations

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Let your little girl channel her inner little mermaid with this spectacular costume from Spooktacular Creations. All in all there are a total of 3 pieces in this costume set, including a long red wig and sequin mermaid dress. This also includes a foam seashells headband to spice it up even more. Everything is made from non-toxic materials with 100% superior quality, so it’s perfect for mermaid role paying and dress up costume parties. Best of all, you can pick the size that’s perfect for whoever you’re giving it to. It comes in sizes fit for kids aged 3 all the way up to 12.

Deluxe Police Dress Up Costume Set

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This dress up costume set allows kids to pretend that they’re policemen. It comes with the complete package of a policeman’s uniform – a shirt with real shirt pockets and buttons, pants with an elastic waistband, belt, hat, with realistic embroidered patches. You even get a gun holster and whistle. The entire costume can be washed using the washing machine and is flame retardant. It is made from 100% polyester which makes it resistant to wrinkles, abrasions, mildew, and the annoying stretching and shrinking that you get with other fabrics. This is available in multiple sizes so get the one that suits you.

Playhouses and Play Tents

Hardly anything is ever as fun as having your own play house or play tent to use at your heart’s content. This is a great gift for kids because it gives them a place of their own, where there is no limit to what they can come up with and imagine. Kids can pretend that play tents are almost anything – from a fort guarding a kingdom to a castle where a princess resides.

With playhouses and play tents, make sure you pay attention to whether it’s suitable for the indoors and/or the outdoors. Depending on who you’re giving it to and how much space they have at home, it would be good to be flexible with your options. Also pay attention to the material used and how durable it is.

LITTLE DOVE Kid’s Foldable Teepee Play Tent One Four Poles Style White

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Made from 100% cotton canvas and pine wood (for the tent poles), this play tent which looks like a teepee is ideal for kids because it’s breathable, soft, and completely non-toxic. It comes with a carriage case so it’s easy to store and bring around, and the assembly itself is also so easy – it can be done by a single adult in minutes. The kids can even help out! The color of the teepee mimics the natural beige canvas color so it’s quite neutral and fits anywhere. The top height is 59” and the side length is about 43”, so it’s perfectly sized for kids.

Intency Pink Princess Castle Kids Play Tent Large Children Playhouse for Girls Indoor

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Little girls will absolutely love this play tent to bits, because it will make them feel like they have their very own castle. The height is at 53” and the diameter is 55”. The tent is shaped like a hexagon, so there’s a lot of room in there for little girls to play in. This also comes with LED star lights, which will work with 4.5 v batteries and can be used to make night play extra special. The tent itself is a soft pink, but it’s made with a durable polyester blend fabric, making it breathable and soft to the touch. It also comes with a carry bag so it can be brought anywhere.

Rocket Ship Play Tent – with Space Torch Projector

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This play tent is a unique option because it looks like a rocket ship and allows your child’s imagination to really take off. It’s a pop-up tent that can be assembled even without tools, so it’s very easy to use. It can also be wiped down for easy cleaning, and the mesh windows as well as the fold-up door makes it okay to use even during the hot summer months. The assembled height is at 53” so there’s a lot of room for kids. The best part about this though is the space torch projector that it comes with, which can project 24 vivid color images of things they can find in space.

We hope you enjoyed this list. Why not check out some more of the hottest toys for Christmas.