Best Toys for Girls for ChristmasGirls’ tastes vary at different stages of their lives, and in terms of their preferences with toys, many things could come into play – taste, personality, and even their style. Picking out the perfect toy as a gift for a daughter, sister, or niece may overwhelm some people, but it’s not as hard as it sounds. Check out this list of the Best Toys for Girls for Christmas 2018 as a start. With 10 categories and 30 toys to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect toy you want to give. This is a list of toys for girls of all ages. If you want to see toys for girls of specific ages, we have also listed them in 1-2, 3,4,5 6-7, 8-9, 10-12, and teenagers.

Baby Dolls

It’s never too early to bring out the nurturing and caring side of little girls, and this is why baby dolls have become so popular. A baby doll to care for, feed, dress up, and bring around is something that little girls will enjoy, particularly in the 5-9-year-old age range when they’re big enough to understand and truly appreciate what they’re doing. But even little girls younger than 5 may already understand the joy of being responsible for a baby doll of their own.

Baby dolls these days come with all sorts of features. Some can even be fed. When picking out baby dolls it’s good to consider how soft and how light (or heavy) the body is, because you don’t want something that’s too heavy. You can also look at the variety in terms of what the doll looks like and what it’s wearing.

JC Toys, La Baby 11-inch Washable Soft Body Play Doll

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Designed by Berenguer, this 11-inch baby doll form JC Toys is one of the best options you can get, and not just because the body is completely washable by hand. Perhaps the best thing about this doll is the fact that you’re not limited to one ‘look’. The doll is available in multiple ethnicities, so you can get a Caucasian-looking doll but also an African American, Hispanic, or Asian version. The doll looks realistic and comes with a cute, completely removable outfit. Its body is also soft, so it’s ideal for cuddling and nurturing.

Baby Alive Luv ‘n Snuggle Baby Doll

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The Baby Alive doll is another popular option in this category, and their dolls are just as soft and cuddly as you want them to be. The doll comes with a pacifier or a bottle than fits in the baby’s mouth, so little girls can really play mommy or big sister with this toy. Another unique feature about this one is that just like what you would see with a real baby, the doll’s thumb actually also fits in her mouth. This baby doll also comes in different skin and hair color varieties, so you can pick the one that’s most suitable to who you’re giving it to.

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna 12-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll

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This 12-inch, 1-pound baby doll by Melissa & Doug is just the right size and weight for little girls. The craftsmanship is excellent, from the realistic look to the molded plastic hair. Just like a real baby, the doll can suck a pacifier or her thumb, and her eyes open and close as well. The body is soft and cuddly, so it’s perfect for hours and hours of pretend play. The baby’s beautifully crafted romper and bonnet are completely removable, and the arms and legs can be wiped clean easily so cleaning the baby is not a problem.


Dollhouses can keep little girls busy for hours, as they make a little home for their dolls and come up with stories and scenarios of what a day in their dolls’ lives might be like. A dollhouse also gives her dolls a place of their own, and develops little girls’ mental, emotional, and even social skills.

With dollhouses, size is one important factor that you must keep in mind. It’s not so much that bigger is better or there’s not really an ideal size for a dollhouse. What’s important is that it has to be just the right size for the dolls to comfortably move around. Also, you have to note how much room the dollhouse takes and whether or not this is okay. Lastly, you must check whether assembly is required and how easy (or difficult) this is to do.

Calico Critter Cozy Cottage

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This cute little Calico Critter Cottage is the perfect way to start with the dollhouse mania. It’s a beige, fully-furnished, 2-story cottage with a red roof, and is designed for the Hopscotch Rabbit family. It comes fully assembled so it’s ready to play with when it arrives, and all it needs is a little girl’s imagination. The best thing about it is that it comes as part of the whole Calico Critter family. This means girls can easily buy additional accessories and characters to enlarge the collection. It can even be combined with the existing Luxury Townhome or placed on top of an existing Calico Critters shop to supersize the fun.

Barbie Dreamhouse

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For Barbie fans, this dollhouse is the ultimate dream. For one, it’s humongous (around four feet tall) and could very well be as tall as your little girl. That alone makes it amazing, but the best part about this is the details – lots and lots of them. It takes a little under less than an hour to put everything together, but once it’s up, it’s something little girls will surely go gaga over. It’s not just the garage and the elevator that actually goes up and down, or the ‘smart’ accessories that have light, sound, and motion effects. You also get modern bedrooms and walk-in closets and three full floors of fun and imaginative play.

Happy Places Shopkins Happy Home

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This Happy House is the perfect place to put all those Shopkins and Petkins. It comes with 1 Popette Lil’ Shoppie, a large Petkin, 2 medium Petkins, 2 small Petkins, and 2 mini Petkins. But because little girls are likely to have existing ones, they can simply add it to this set to make it more complete.

Play Kitchens

A play kitchen is a great option because there’s so much there that can inspire creative and imaginative play. When a little girl has her very own play kitchen, she can spend hours in it and really unleash her imagination. Play kitchens often come complete with accessories that you would normally find in a kitchen, including the play food. When looking at play kitchens, consider the size and how much space it would take. Consider also if it’s just the right size for the age of whoever you’re giving it to.

It’s also worth noting that with play kitchens, the fun doesn’t have to end with the play kitchen set that you’re getting. You can keep adding to it to make the experience even more complete. You may also want to explore buying a kitchen outfit for your little chef.

Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Pretend Play Kitchen Set for Kids

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This 8-piece pretend play kitchen set from Melissa & Doug is great because it contains mini pots and pans that are ideal for little girls. The set includes a colander, a pot with lid, 2 pans, 2 wooden utensils, and a rack. The pots and pans are all made from hand-polished stainless steel, and have sturdy handles. They’re also dishwasher safe. What makes this set unique from all other kitchen play sets is the realistic look and feel of the pieces. They look like the actual pots and pans they would see in your kitchen, but they come in a size that’s especially ideal for their little hands.

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

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This mini kitchen contains everything little girls will need to concoct those imaginary meals. It’s large enough for multiple kids to play in it at once, but it comes at just the right size for little girls. The most impressive thing about this kitchen involve all those tiny details – for instance, you can open and close the microwave, oven, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher like you would in real life. There’s a pretend ice machine and pegs where you can hang pots and pans. It’s neatly and smartly designed to imitate a real kitchen, so little girls are sure to have fun with this one.

Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen

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This little baker’s kitchen is ideal for little girls and unlike the modern and contemporary feel of other play kitchens, this one comes in cute pink and purple colors. There’s even an attached doll seat for girls to put their baby dolls on while they do their kitchen tasks. This set comes with a 30-piece accessory set, and this includes play food, plates, cups, and other things you would find in a kitchen. Another wonderful thing about this is that you can actually activate frying and boiling sounds to make the experience more authentic.

Riding Toys

Whether you buy them scooters and bikes, skateboards or trikes, riding toys are also great for girls because it brings out their adventurous side. Riding toys give them the ability to explore their surroundings and practice their balance and mobility. It also brings out their independent spirit and empowers them to go the distance.

With riding toys, what you need to consider is always the safety of whoever you’re giving it to, so it would be good to go for the durability and the quality of the construction. Aside from the overall design of the riding toy, pay close attention to comfort as well as the safety features that the manufacturer has put in place.

Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike

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Who says little girls can’t tough it up and go on rugged trike rides? This Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike is just the right size for little girls who want to go on adventures and ride around the neighborhood. It has a maximum weight limit of 55 lbs, and has features that are ideal for little girls like big food pedals, a stable wheel base, and rugged tires for multiple terrains. But that’s not all. Under the seat, there’s a secret storage compartment that’s really convenient. Best of all, the trike comes with the signature Barbie style and colors, so little girls will really love this.

Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter

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Scooters are a great way for kids to be mobile but also learn how to find their balance and learn other valuable motor kills. This Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter does not just come in the color pink either. There are many other colors for you to choose from, so you can find the one that you think your little girl will love. Regardless of the color though, the best thing about this is that the T-bar is adjustable. As the child grows, it can be adjusted to accommodate height. The ride is smooth, quiet, and comes with a lean-to-steer mechanism so it’s perfect for children up to 75 lbs.

Radio Flyer 811X 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

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This 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike is not just a gift for the kids, it’s great for the parents too! That’s because this one can be adjusted as the child grows up. There’s also an Adult Steer & Stroll adjustable push handle, so when the adult is pushing, the wheels just coast. This can accommodate kids up to 49 lbs, and it comes with a 3-point harness for security, a removable canopy that protects the child from the harmful sun, and even a removable safety tray that comes with a cup holder. The four modes are infant, steering, learn-to-ride, and classic, so it’s really a great investment that the child can use for years.

Jewelry Making Kits

There’s something about arts and crafts that’s incredibly empowering, because they really bring out the creativity and style of young girls. With jewelry making kits for instance, girls are encouraged to express their personal style through the bracelets or necklaces that they’re crafting for themselves. A kit usually contains everything that is need to make pieces upon pieces of jewelry – from the individual beads and miniature charms to the twine or nylon, and any other materials and tools needed.

This is the perfect gift to give girls who are particularly crafty and creative, because it gives them the freedom to design anything they want. Pick a set that has a lot of options in terms of design and materials, so that sky’s the limit.

Melissa & Doug Design-Your-Own Bracelets

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With four double-sided bracelets and over 100 gem and glitter stickers, this Melissa & Doug set allows girls to design their own bracelets and practice their fine motor skills, creativity, and artistry. The best thing is that they come ready to wear right out of the box, and girls can design their bracelets as they please. Thanks to the easy tab closure, these bracelets are very easy to use and reuse. They’re also easily adjustable and reversible, so there’s no limit to the number of times and occasions that little girls can use this for. In fact, they can even use this during a play date with friends and they can each design their own bracelets.

ALEX Toys DIY Wear I Heart Charm Bracelets

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Recommended for girls who are a bit older (about 8 years and up), this charm bracelet making set from ALEX Toys is a really great gift as well. This includes 2 bracelets that girls can fill with the charms of their choice. Charms include a flower, horse, guitar, key, and many more. Aside from the charms, the kit also includes 8 beads, your very own molding tool, 2 pins, 5 air dry clays, 24 eyelets, 10 jump rings, 30 stick stones, glitter glue, and a dowel. Basically it has all the tools and materials to keep girls quite busy in making their own creations, so it’s a wonderful gift overall.

Premium Bracelet (Jewelry) Making Kit

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This ultimate bracelet maker takes jewelry making kits to an entirely new level, because you can make as many as 28 bracelets with this one. The materials included are durable and latex-free, and come in multiple colors and designs. What you get in the kit basically include unbreakable loom, 24 C-clips, an extra strong hook, and 600 latex-free multi-color rubber bands. Because of the quality of the materials, everything’s safe enough to be used by girls of all ages. They also get complete access to beginner video and PDF tutorials to make the craft of bracelet making easier.

Musical Instruments

Music is something that people enjoy no matter how young there are or how old they get – so for little kids and big kids alike, musical instruments are always a great gift idea. Introducing children to the wonderful world of playing music begins with giving them instruments that they can practice and play with. From guitars and pianos to violins, xylophones, and maracas, there are a number of instruments that can be given as a gift.

Musical instruments not only teach children valuable cognitive and mental skills, they also teach them the value of patience, concentration, and practicing to achieve perfection. It also gives them a sense of confidence and a boost of self-esteem. Once they learn and master the instrument, it can be a great source of pride that will go beyond their childhood years.

Wooden Xylophone for Kids

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Perfectly sized for toddlers, this wooden xylophone has eight brightly colored metal keys that are sized differently, clear-sounding, and perfectly tuned. You also get two child-safe, easy-to-hold, wooden mallets as well as an eagle whistle. Aside from the actual xylophone, this set comes with a music sheet, to jumpstart the musical journey of the child who will use it. This wooden xylophone helps kids explore the joy of music and experiment with sounds. It awakens their musical sensibilities and feeds their curiosity. Most of all, it’s made of materials free from BPA and phthalate so it’s safe to play with.

Yamaha PSRE253 61-Key Portable Keyboard

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For girls who want to learn the joy of playing the piano, this portable keyboard from Yamaha is the ideal gift. With 61 full-sized keys and a 32-note polyphony, this can be used by beginners and advanced piano players alike. This operates on batteries but you can also purchase a separate power adapter to power it up. The wonderful thing about this is that the Aux Line input actually enables its connection to other musical devices like a mixer, computer, or MP3 player. There’s also a duo mode that enables practicing or playing with a partner.

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

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If guitars are more your jam, this Jasmine S-35 acoustic guitar is a great gift option. The body style is Dreadnought, the fretboard is made from Rosewood, the top from Spruce, and the back, neck, and sides from laminated Nato. It also has a satin finish. Now the great thing about this acoustic guitar is that it’s ideal even for beginners of all ages. It’s also good enough as a second instrument of more seasoned or advanced players. Just take note that this guitar is made for right-handed musicians, and you may want to buy a separate case to secure it.

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys are guaranteed to make any child happy, because of the comfort that the plush material brings. From teddy bears to stuffed versions of all the animals you can think of, stuffed toys are an easy gift option because you can find them everywhere. You can even get stuffed versions of beloved characters from the animated movies that children love so much, and this only adds to their love for that particular movie or story.

Stuffed toys are great to give because many children can go for stuffed toy collections. Even for very little girls, stuffed toys are great because because it gives them a companion and promotes hours and hours of imaginary play. They can cuddle with the stuffed toy wherever they go – even as they sleep and have sweet dreams. Just pay attention to the quality of the materials used and how soft and comfortable the plush material is.

Color You Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say Electronic Pet Talking Plush Buddy Mouse

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This adorable plush hamster is the perfect gift to give little girls who are four years older and older. It’s soft and fluffy, and measures 14 ½ cm in height and a little more than 7 cm in diameter. The hamster is soft enough as a plush toy, but the most unique thing about it is the fact that it’s a talking hamster. It has a talk back function that repeats everything – whether you sing, laugh, or speak to it in any language. It responds to touch and the head bobs up and down, so it’s a really fun toy for kids to play with.

My Little Pony – Rainbow Dash 8″

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Girls of all ages love My Little Pony, so this is the perfect gift to give. This is official merchandise with the familiar heart-shaped tag, so you know it’s authentic. This plush toy is also handmade with the best quality standards, so you can be sure that you’re giving out a great gift. It’s also cool becuase while Rainbow Dash is pretty popular, you can also get Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity to complete the collection. This 8-inch plush toy is also the perfect size for little hands, and is perfect for girls 3 years and older.

Douglas Cuddle Toys Stuffed Wizard Snowy Owl

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Wizard, this cuddly, 8-inch Snowy Owl plush toy, is as majestic as it is cuddly. It doesn’t look like other regular plush toys because the craftsmanship is excellent. The details are amazing in terms of design and coloring, and the material that’s used – extra soft plush – is perfect for little girls to cuddle with. At only 2.1 ounces, it’s also the right weight, not being too heavy and easy enough to bring around. This is safe for kids aged 3 years old and up, and the best thing about it is it’s easy to clean as it is completely machine washable.


Having a lively imagination is one of the best things about childhood. This is why another great gift to give is a costume that will help little girls dress up and think of magical powers or lands far, far away. From imagining that she’s a princess in her own kingdom to getting into her superhero costume so she can save the world, the possibilities are endless for imaginative play.

The great thing about costumes is that it’s only the beginning. Once a little girl has a costume she can play with, there’s no limit to the worlds she can imagine and the scenarios she can come up with in her mind. You can also add accessories to complete the look and give her more materials to play dress up with.

Disney Moana Girls Adventure Outfit

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When Disney introduced Moana to the world, little girls all over went crazy for this new Disney princess who has an adventurous streak like no other. Moana is a great role model for girls no matter how young or old they are. This costume helps little girls relive their love for Moana and actually BE Moana herself. It’s an iconic outfit that Disney itself has commissioned, so you can be sure that the details are as authentic as the movie version. From the fringe details to the print and the color, your little girl can channel her inner island princess.

RioRand Comics Cartoon Dress Up Costumes Satin Capes with Felt Masks for girls (Set of 4)

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Women superheroes are also great role models for little girls because they instill the idea that women, too, can beat the bad guys and save the world. Now you don’t have to choose among the superhero costumes available and think about which one is the best of them all. That’s because this set of fours satin capes (27” x 27”) with matching felt masks (6 ½” x 3-4”) will give your girl some pretty cool options. The colors are prefect for little girls, but of course the details follow the uniqueness of each superhero like Wonderwoman and Batgirl for instance.

ReliBeauty Little Girls Layered Princess Belle Costume Dress up

Last update on 2018-04-24 at 17:28 (Details)


Belle from Beauty and the Beast is another iconic Disney princess that has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity, thanks to the latest live action version of the film. Little girls everywhere wanted to dress up just like Belle, and that’s why this costume is the perfect gift to help them do just that. This dress is designed just like Belle’s in the movie, and it has a hidden zip closure at the back, a non-detachable brooch, and a skin-friendly cotton lining. It comes in the iconic yellow color of Belle’s dress, and is made with high quality fabric.

Educational Toys

Learning should not be limited to the walls of a classroom. Everywhere a child goes, there’s an opportunity to learn new things, and this begins from a very young age. In fact, the reason why educational toys are so popular is that they give the child the ability to have fun and learn valuable developmental skills at the same time.

When it comes to educational toys, there are a variety of learning areas you can target. Some toys focus on certain areas like science, mathematics, or reading and writing. Some educational toys, particularly for preschoolers, focus on areas like shape recognition, color recognition, and other very basic learning areas. The important thing with educational toys is to get one that’s appropriate for the age and intellectual level of whoever you’re giving it to, so that it’s not too difficult but gives them just the right kind of challenge.

LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

Last update on 2019-01-01 at 03:27 (Details)


Educational toys don’t have to be limited to the lessons kids can learn in school. This picnic basket from LeapFrog teaches toddlers many things – from shape recognition, sorting, and stacking skills to social skills as they have pretend picnics with the friends or even just by themselves. This is a 14-piece set that includes food items as well as a pair of plates, cups, and forks. It all comes together in a cute basket that they can easily bring around. This educational toy is appropriate for little girls from 6 to 36 months.

VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

Last update on 2019-03-01 at 10:43 (Details)


It is never too early to teach a little girl the sheer joy of writing letters, drawing, and even creating doodles. This not only gives them access to the basics that they would need to learn as they grow older, but it also gives them an outlet for their creativity and imagination This Write and Learn Creative Center from VTech gives preschool children a headstart, from simple lines and shapes to 26 different objects that they could follow. This comes with step by step instructions so the child can really learn the basics, and there are animated demonstrations that help them as they go along.

4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Last update on 2019-02-26 at 14:52 (Details)


For older girls, this crystal growing experimental kit is perhaps the neatest educational toy they could receive. This is basically a science kit that allows them to perform seven unique experiments related to crystal growth, and contains all the necessary materials. Those with an interest in geology, science, and just with a general curiosity for making beautiful things will surely enjoy this kit. This tickles the imagination and challenges kids to follow instructions and create something that they could be proud of and even display in the special dome that’s included. This is recommended for girls aged 10 years and older.

Electronic Toys

In today’s modern digital age, electronic toys are becoming an important part of any child’s collection because it’s best to give them an idea of what gadgets can do before they experience the real thing. If you give an electronic toy as a gift, it will surely be met with enthusiasm and excitement. From their very own toy cellphone, laptops, and tablets to other electronic and robotic toys, the possibilities are endless with these digital creations.

The best thing about electronic toys is that they’re also usually educational. These toys are truly cool not just because they produce all these lights and sounds, but they’re also really fun to play with and even teach kids more than a thing or two. With electronic toys you just have to make sure have the right batteries to power them up, and with these toys especially, make sure you get something age-appropriate.

VTech Little Apps Tablet

Last update on 2019-06-26 at 05:26 (Details)


With this electronic toy created by VTech, little girls get to have their very own tablet. This comes complete with all kinds of cool features – a color-changing screen, a piano keyboard with some music, and many more. This has a total of 12 learning activities that come in progressive learning levels, and can be enjoyed by toddlers from 2-5 years of age. There’s even an automatic shut-off to help save battery so parents need not be concerned. With this electronic toy jam-packed with learning activities, toddlers are kept busy for hours and hours, and they won’t get bored easily.

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, Pink

Last update on 2019-03-02 at 23:57 (Details)


Little girls can have their very own version of a laptop with LeapFrog My Own Leaptop. With a beautiful pink color, this laptop toy has a screen that shows 36 fun critter animations. There are four learning modes and kids can absorb all of them – from learning their alphabet to learning about messages to playing games and even listening to songs and melodies. Because it looks like a laptop, they can pretend like they’re mom or dad and work alongside the adults with her very own device. It’s great for keeping the attention of the little ones, and of course helps them learn basic lessons as well.

SmartGlobe Discovery SG268 – Interactive Smart Globe with Smart Pen by Oregon Scientific

Last update on 2019-03-01 at 23:08 (Details)


This unique SmartGlobe discovery is shaped like a globe and is packed with 19 challenging activities and educational content. It’s quite entertaining and has a lot of amazing facts that kids can learn from and enjoy. When you spin the globe and point the interactive SmartPen to a part of it, you learn about the continents, countries, capitals, and details like population, geography, and so many more. It’s great for explorers who want to know about the great big world around them, and the best part of it is they don’t even have to leave the house!

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