Funko Pop Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Review

Funko Pop Harley Quinn Suicide SquadThe trailer of the new Suicide Squad movie has fans really excited. Not least because of the leading role played by Harley Quinn, who now gets her own Funko Pop. Welcome to our Funko Pop Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Review.

2016’s Suicide Squad movie brings to life a group of infamous DC Comics antiheros or supervillains, which alongside Harley, also includes the Joker and others. These supervillains assemble under the collective name of you guessed it – Suicide Squad.

From the trailer alone, Harley Quinn is a character that many are really looking forward to seeing, because Margot Robbie plays her amazingly well. The look of the character is both interesting, sexy and kick ass. And let’s put that baseball bat to good use shall we?

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What’s Good About This Toy?

Are you kidding? It’s Harley Quinn, the Joker’s love interest and partner in crime, and nowadays more and more a supervillain in her own right without always needing to be associated with Mister J.

The toy itself in traditional Funko design is modeled after Harley’s Suicde Squad look when she’s sporting the red and blue colored dipped ponytail look, with the Daddy’s Lil Monster T-shirt and baseball bat to whack those fiends. And of course the big massive head that Funko uses for Pop figures.

With the new Suicide Squad movie one of 2016’s hits, Harley Quinn is a big hit amongst girls of all ages. The Spice Girls are long gone, but Girl Power certainly lives on in Ms Quinn. Badass girl power. A great gift idea therefore is  this Harley Quinn Suicide Squad figure, which has been given the stylized Funko POP vinyl treatment.

What’s Not So Good About This Toy?

Well only that it’s more of an ornament than it is a toy. But it’s aimed at 14+ year olds, who aren’t really looking for a doll or action figure to play with anyway, so this is not really a negative.

Funko Pop Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Features

  • POP Movies: Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn is featured in her red and blue outfit complete with her bat and dyed pigtails.
  • Comes packaged in a window display box
  • A great gift for Xmas and birthday
  • Stands 3 3/4 Inch tall! tall Perfect for your desk or shelf!
  • Check out the other DC Universe Pop figures from Funko! Collect them all!

The Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Funko Pop figure stands at 3 ¾ inches tall. It’s the perfect addition to any Suicide Squad fan. It’ll look great on your desk or shelf.

And Harley makes a great gift for teenage girls or boys. Note the manufacturer recommended age of 14+. It’s a bit high for Funko, but the Suicide Squad movie’s interpretation of Harley Quinn is certainly not for young kids.

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Is Funko Pop Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Good Value For Money?

It sure is. Funko Pop’s don’t really cost much, but they are collectible items. Dove tail that with the Suicide Squad movie and Harley Quinn being one of the hottest characters, many teenage girls will certainly appreciate this gift.

Where Can I Buy Funko Pop Harley Quinn Suicide Squad?

It’s available from major toy retailers including Amazon.

Anything Else?

Harley Quinn is of course just one member of the Suicide Squad. If you are a huge fan or Funko Pop collector, you can get all members of the Suicide Squad. The other characters also all have their own Funko Pop model.

This includes of course Harley’s love interest The Joker. His Funko Pop Vinyl is based on his shirtless appearance in the movie.

Also there’s Boomerang, Deadshot – who comes in a masked and non masked version, El Diable, Rick Flag, Killer Croc. And the sword-wielding character Katana is another favorite if you are looking for another kickass female character. Thanks for reading our Funko Pop Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Review.

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