Magic The Gathering Booster Box Review 2016

Magic The Gathering Booster BoxWelcome to our Magic The Gathering Booster Box Review 2016, where we’re looking at some of the hottest MTG sets available.

In the world of trading cards, Magic is a household name. Created only in 1993 by Richard Garfield, Magic holds the Guinness world record as the most played trading card game ever. This gives us an indication of how popular it is.

The cards are available in several formats and the Magic The Gathering Booster Box is one of the most popular ways to build a card set.

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The magic of Magic The Gathering is in the fact that it’s the first trading card game to combine collectible cards with interactive game play.

Magic players are also avid card collectors, and the game itself gives a venue for a lot of cognitive skills to be honed. Each card enables the player to play with certain strategies But since you can never predict all the cards that you will get as well as the cards that your opponents have, it’s always a game of strategy each time. This is what makes it exciting.

To date, there are over 15,000 unique cards that can be collected. Magic only keeps adding to this list and introducing new decks each year, so trading card collectors really have the time of their lives trying to complete their personal collection.

Booster Box Options

Magic The Gathering Conspiracy Take the Crown Booster BoxDue to its popularity, Magic trading cards are now sold in a variety of languages as well as products, and this includes your booster box. A booster box contains 36 booster packs, and each booster pack contains 8 to 15 cards, depending on what collection you’re getting.

Booster boxes are being released all he time with the most recent being the new Magic The Gathering Conspiracy Take The Crown Booster Box.

Each card type gives you the ability to accomplish certain strategies. These include planeswalker, sorcery, enchantment, creature, artifact, land, and instant.

The cards that you get in each booster pack are randomized, which means you never know what you’re going to get. It may be a totally new card that you can add to your collection, or you may already have the card. But this is where the fun comes in with card trading. Below are some Booster Box options that you can get, which are basically 36 packs of 15 sets each.

Magic The Gathering Origins Booster Box

Magic The Gathering Origins Booster BoxThe 17th and last Magic core set, Magic Origins is a great one to get because it follows origins stories of Planeswalkers. The 2016 version follows the stories of Gideon Jura, Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, Chandra Nalaar, and Nissa Revene. So fans will definitely love this one. At least one card in the 15-card pack is a rare or a mythic rare, and this is why this is bound to be a favorite among collectors.

True enough, user impressions on this one are generally positive. They love looking at the back stories of the Planeswalkers because it helps them understand why they are the way they are at present.

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Magic The Gathering Eldritch Moon Booster Box

Magic The Gathering Eldritch Moon Booster BoxThe box itself measures 7.9 x 2.8 x 5.1 inches and weighs 2.5 pounds, so it’s a handy one to get for your collection. This comes sealed, so when you open the packs for your cards, they will be in great condition.

The Eldritch Moon Booster Box will usually be Eldrazi, werewolves, vampires, and humans, but because everything is randomized you don’t know exactly what you’re getting.

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Magic The Gathering Magic Shadows Over Innistrad Booster Box

Magic The Gathering Shadows Over Innistrad Booster BoxThis is the perfect Magic The Gathering booster box that brings you to the exciting world of Innistrad, which is a gothic horror themed plane. In ths set, you get the same tribal components that you’ll find in the Innistrad block: Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans.

What’s great is that you also get new abilities, such as Delirium and Investigate. Every booster box you buy is factory sealed and brand new, containing 36 booster packs. Each pack may have 15 random cards, but with this set you are guaranteed at least 1 rare, 3 uncommons, and 1 land card. You even have the chance to get rare foils and mythics.

Magic fans love this product because this plane is one of the most exciting ones available. The world of Innistrad is something different altogether, so getting a booster box for this will automatically give collectors a lot of cards to add to their collection and play the game with. They’re also quite pleased with the mythics that they find in this booster box, including Avacyn and Sorin.

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Oath of the Gatewatch Booster Box

Magic The Gathering Oath Of The Gatewatch Booster BoxOath of the Gatewatch is unique because more than any other set in the Magic universe, it best supports a four-player game. So you really get to practice teamwork and have fun with your friends. Like Battle for Zendikar, the Oath of the Gatewatch booster box has full art lands that you can appreciate.

With this set, you get to join Gideon, Jace, Chandra, and Nissa as they join forces and take a solemn oath to retake the world, all in the spirit of teamwork.

For the reason that this works best when played with groups, a lot of users are also very happy and satisfied with this set.

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Magic: The Gathering – Return to Ravnica Booster Box

Magic the Gathering Return to Ravnica Booster BoxThis is another popular set because it marks the return to the city plane of Ravnica. There are 5 guilds featured in this set: Azorius, Golgari, Izzet, Rakdos, and Selesnyabut. Ravnica in itself is one of the most popular settings in the Magic universe, so this set definitely brings you back to that special place.

Like any other booster box, it’s ideal to get this if you’re really serious about building your collection. You get a lot of cards with this, so it’s also really fun to get this if you’re drafting with a group of friends. Because the packs are all randomized, it’s exciting to see who gets the rare. All in all, users love this set and really think it’s great value for money.

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Magic The Gathering Booster Box Review Conclusion

There are so many more booster box options available, because Magic: The Gathering releases new cards every now and then. Whether you’re new to this game or you’re an avid collector, a Magic The Gathering booster box is definitely the best way to build up your collection.