Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo Review

Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs ElmoSesame Street has withstood the test of time for a good reason – it knows how to engage kids and capture their imagination, while at the same time being educational and fun. Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo toy is based on one of the series’ best loved characters.

Elmo is a solid favorite Sesame Street character and there are multiple toys built around him.

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The Big Hugs Elmo toy is made by renowned toy and kids cartoon company Hasbro. In this Playskool Sesame Street big hugs Elmo review, we shall take a look at what the toy does.

Being a hot favorite character, it is no surprise that the Elmo character has had many toy versions built around him over the years, nor is it a surprise that the toys have become more and more interactive.

With all the technology around nowadays, from Kindle tablets to the more child friendly Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra tablets, just having a stuffed toy will not do any more.  And so we have the big hugs Elmo toy, which has been an instant hit, so much so that there are even a few funny reviews about wives playing with the toy to get the hugs for themselves.

Who Is The Big Hugs Elmo For?

While reading some of the reviews it is also suitable for wives wishing to replace their husbands. Joking aside, the big hugs Elmo is recommended for children aged between 18 months to 4 years old – plus wives (sorry, couldn’t resist).

It is a toy that acts as an interactive and talkative friend, engaging and encouraging your child to use their imagination.

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Toy Features

Kids will love the fact that big hugs Elmo is fairly tall, coming in at 22 inches high. His body is made of cuddly soft plush material. As the name suggests, the idea behind this toy is to give and receive hugs. And giving hugs is exactly what this toy does, making this a fun friend for any child to have.

The toy is very interactive, it doesn’t just have its main feature of hugging, Elmo will also sing from a repertoire of several songs, the real handy one being a lullaby when he is being rocked to sleep. So this enables your child to really engage the imagination as they interact with their fantastic friends.

Your toddler will get a few giggles as well if they hold him upside down, because he can detect that too and will respond to it.

What’s Good About This Toy?

Big Hugs Elmo Toy Of The Year AwardThis is a fantastic interactive toy with a number of features that will keep kids engaged and capture their imaginations.

He gives hugs and cuddles, and what kid does not like to have their very own personal friend that loves them always?

In addition to responding to hugs, he also responds to being bounced, rocked, or even held upside down.

His arms are flexible, and he has a soft plush head, with plush material used around the rest of his body also.

Because he is a large cuddly and interactive toy, he is one of the best of his type.

Such is the mass appeal of this toy that it even won Infant/Toddler Toy of The Year award from the US Toy Association.

What’s Not So Good About This Toy?

Well, unlike other soft cuddly toys, this one is not appropriate for babies, it is recommended for kids aged 18 months and up.

Additionally, Elmo does require the use of four x AA batteries (will need to be purchased separately). So there will be a need to replace the back trees every so often. There doesn’t appear to be any official information on how long the back trees last, but being a large toy with sound and motion, you can probably expect the back trees to be drained pretty quickly.

Of course if you are someone that uses rechargeable batteries, then this is less of an issue.

Is Big Hugs Elmo Good Value For Money?

Big Hugs Elmo ReviewFor price and features, we definitely think this is one of the best value for money toys that you can buy for an 18 month to 4-year-old kid this Christmas.

Being not just a plush toy, but an interactive one that moves and speaks and responds to touch, it provides a high level of interactivity that will keep your toddler very much feeling like Sesame Street has arrived in their very own bedroom.

Big hugs Elmo is made by one of the most well-known toy manufacturers – Hasbro. As you can expect, from a company that has some of the most successful toy and kids cartoon series behind them, they have high safety standards.

So you know that you are purchasing a high-quality toy, although if you have any doubt, the fact that it is already at the top of the bestseller list shows that many parents have already tried and tested the toy.

This toy will provide many hours of enjoyment, and if your boy or girl has asked for one, you will certainly make their Christmas a fantastic one.

Where Can I Buy Big Hugs Elmo ?

As with many things, we recommend you buy Big Hugs Elmo from Amazon to get the best price. Additionally, you will be able to read their all the other reviews that other customers have left, including a few funny ones that husbands have left about their wives adopting the toy for themselves to get the hugs from the toy, instead of the husband.

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It is one of our previous hottest toys for Christmas and still remains fairly popular.

Big Hugs Elmo Video On YouTube

Here you can see and hear Big Hugs Elmo in action.