Skylanders Swap Force
 Toys Review

Skylanders Swap Force Toys ReviewWhen it comes to a video game, there has to be something that conveys an original message, because there are so many games that are being released.

Skylanders Swap Force definitely gets the message across, as it is an upcoming game in the Skylanders franchise that really opens the door for complete customization of characters.

We love the idea that all of your old characters from previous games are able to be brought over into the new game, and we only hope that the new Swap Force game will make its way onto many other gaming consoles.

We do also hope that this game will be available on the next gen gaming consoles as well.

Who Would Buy Skylanders Swap Force?

Skylanders Swap Force is definitely catered to kids and young teenagers who are into the cartoon/animation type video game franchise. Some adults may be interested in checking out Skylanders Swap Force as well.

Things we like about Skylanders Swap Force:

Skylanders is an awesome franchise that has captured the hearts of kids in a way that hasn’t been done since the old days of Pokemon. We love the idea that the Skylanders franchise opens the doors to a world where imagination runs wild. The developers have pushed the envelope even further with the concept of Swap Force, letting you customize your character however you want.

Things we did not like about Skylanders Swap Force:

There’s a lot of good things to say about Skylanders Swap Force. We don’t know exactly what consoles this will be released for yet. We’d like to see this franchise get support on more than one game console, and it will be interesting to see if the game gets next generation support on the Wii U and the upcoming Playstation 4 and new Xbox machines.

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Is Skylanders Swap Force Worth The Money?

If you are looking for a game where you can fully customize your characters and enjoy a game that truly is different every time you play it, then you can’t really go wrong with Skylanders Swap Force. It’s a game that is going to bring a lot of excitement, and will be able to be enjoyed for a long time.

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Just about everyone with an understanding of the Skylanders franchise is very happy about the upcoming release of this game. Many folks have praised the ideas of being able to customize characters like never before, to make the game even better than ever before.